Pearson: Vital Signs report points to need for immediate action from all of us

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Titled Be the Change, it not only serves as a roadmap for change in the midst of COVID-19 but a call to action for each of us, not just our leaders. Far more Londoners are vulnerable than at this point two years ago. Our failure to sufficiently act in the past has resulted in a more protracted challenge, one requiring every Londoner and organization to alter permanently things we were too willing to accept previously.

It is one thing to flatten the curve, but another entirely to transform our community. Just how can we come together to create greater equity, equality, opportunity, stability and safety for all our citizens, especially those in the most vulnerable conditions? That is the task before us. This pandemic did not cause such problems, merely magnified them, but it has highlighted not only our need to act, but revealed the inner strength in this community to overcome our obstacles. The scope and compassion of London’s response in these past months can serve as a down payment on a different future, something more inclusive and prosperous.

The 2020 version of Vital Signs centres in on racial equality, housing, gender equality, health and well-being, food security and education. All of these should be a given in any community, but the fact we are underperforming in these sectors means they won’t go away until we attack them with a kind of dedication this city likely hasn’t undertaken since the Second World War. That’s how serious this is. Fail to take it on and we might never get our groove back as a meaningful city.

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