Nueimi’s lecture at defence college sheds light on education policies

AMMAN — Education policies reflect the community’s political alternatives, values, traditions and future perceptions, as well as its trends to invest in material and human wealth, the decision-making process, and the allocation of financial and material resources, Education Minister Tayseer Nueimi said on Monday.

During a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defence College (RJNDC) titled “Jordan’s Education policy and the role of the Ministry of Education in Jordan’s national security”, Nueimi said that education policies are constantly monitored and evaluated to measure their achievements.

“Education policies are a set of principles and rules that lay out the framework of the educational system and reflects its philosophy and objectives,” the Jordan News Agency, Petra, quoted him as saying.

Nueimi called education an “essential pillar” in building, sustaining and promoting comprehensive national security through creating a system of positive values, trends and practices.

“Education also empowers students by equipping them with advanced knowledge and skills, instilling loyalty and belonging, in addition to political, national and citizenship education,” he added.

The minister also highlighted the role of education in establishing “a common public culture among the members of society, one that protects, promotes and creates an inclusive national identity”.

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