Nearly 16,000 Orange County students switch to face-to-face learning

Thousands of Orange County parents who originally enrolled their child in online learning have switched to face-to-face learning.

a dining room table: back to school

back to school

Friday was the deadline for Orange County parents to decide if they wanted to switch their students from the county’s LaunchEd program to face-to-face learning or the other way around.

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At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Barbara Jenkins said 15,792 students will switch from LaunchED to face-face learning.

Another 983 students will switch to LaunchEd from face-to-face learning.

Jenkins said the change means some teachers who are teaching from home will now have to come back to school next month.

Jenkins also said the change could make it more difficult for students to social distance on the school bus. She asked parents to drive their kids to school if it is possible.

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