Naga Appoints World-Renowned Financial Markets Lecturer Andreas Thalassinos as Director of Education

His deep passion for trading and technical analysis led him to study the financial markets from a mathematical and mechanical perspective. Gathering incredible insights into the technical aspect of trading over the years, Mr. Thalassinos became an active advocate of algorithmic trading, adding the development of hundreds of automated systems, technical indicators, and trading tools. His trading products are used today by forex brokers, investment firms, traders and investors worldwide. 

His latest research paper, titled “Anatomy of a living trend: Swing charts, High Points and Low Points, Peaks and Troughs and how their underlying structure may define their forecasting strength” clearly explains the technical aspects of trading, delving deeper into trend identification, chart patterns and how to identify them with precision, serving as a useful resource for traders and investors, regardless of where they are on their trading journey. 

Joining NAGA, the Hamburg-based fintech accelerator and social trading platform, Mr. Andreas Thalassinos will be responsible for guiding the steps of the investment firm’s traders and investors through educational materials such as eBooks on a variety of topics geared towards technical trading and effective ways of using technical tools to boost their trading, as well as webinars and seminars addressing the challenges that traders and investors face today. 

On 30 September, at 15:30 (GMT+2), he will be the host of a large-scale event called the Alpha Trading Webinar, which is said to be the only event of its kind in the forex space. The Alpha Trading Webinar promises to be a great event gathering hundreds of traders from across the globe around their computer screens to listen to Mr. Thalassinos speak about the Alpha Trading Formula. Breaking away from the “tradition” of trading webinars, the Alpha Trading Webinar will be a groundbreaking social event that sets a new path for investment and trading education. Save your place for the event here

Speaking about his new partnership with NAGA, Mr. Thalassinos said: “It’s a great pleasure to be welcomed to such a forward-thinking team. NAGA is truly more than a brokerage, it is a network of like-minded individuals brought together and driven by one goal: to make trading better and easier. My team of technical analysts and I are 100% invested in it. I am delighted to be part of NAGA and look forward to pushing the boundaries of trading together.” 

Equally delighted to welcome Mr. Andreas Thalassinos, NAGA Group AG’s CEO and founder, Benjamin Bilski said: “It is an honour for me as the CEO and founder of NAGA to welcome a professional of Mr. Thalassinos’ calibre to the team. We have great future plans not only in terms of technology development but also in terms of expanding our educational offering to our clients. And Mr. Thalassinos is here to light our way and share his great knowledge and teachings with our trading community, and help position NAGA as the go-to trading and trading education venue providing traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the financial investing space. We have, therefore, launched a series of webinars aiming to provide our traders with the essential knowledge and educational materials they need to take their trading to new highs. Furthermore, our upcoming Alpha Trading Webinar hosted by Mr. Thalassinos will provide traders with the unique opportunity to interact with a trading guru such as Mr. Thalassinos and benefit from his knowledge. I am also very excited about this event and look forward to being part of it soon.” 

About NAGA

NAGA is an innovative fintech company that has developed a socially-enhanced financial system that creates a unified and seamless experience across personal finance and investing. Its proprietary platform offers a range of products ranging from trading, investing, and cryptocurrencies to a physical Mastercard and social investing features such as a Feed, a Messenger and Autocopy. NAGA is a synergistic all-in-one solution that’s accessible and inclusive, and that provides a better way to trade, invest, connect, earn, acquire and pay, across both fiat and crypto.

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