Michigan Made ‘Hoglet’ Helps Students with Special Needs Focus

All of us learn in different ways and for kids who have a harder time focusing, learning from home can be especially Hoglet 03challenging.  That’s why Parker Lynch, a special education teacher, and creator of the Hoglet, brought a team together to create the prototype. The Hoglet is a mix between a fidget toy and a computer mouse.

It all started when Lynch, who grew up with ADHD was working kids with autism and discovered that fidget toys helped students focus. He tried finding a device that would help them but it didn’t exist.  That’s when he created the Hoglet along with his team, most of whom are based in Traverse City.

“There’s a lot of scientific studies that show that fidgeting can actually help you focus it’s a good way to expel energy while keeping your, I guess like your sight on what the actual job is at hand,” says Lynch.

Julia Dapkus is a parent from metro-Detroit and her daughter, Isabelle uses the Hoglet for learning.

“It’s extremely difficult to juggle online learning and other workloads, so anything that would help learn to be more independent and have access to their learning and have access to other things that kids their age, enjoy is key,” says Dapkus.

For more information about the Hoglet you can check out the Zoom interview posted above.

For a direct link to the device and the status of the prototype click here.

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