Miami-Dade Public Schools To Return To In-Person Learning Monday

MIAMI, FL – Miami-Dade County Public Schools will begin a staggered reopening on Monday, school officials voted on Tuesday following an emergency school board meeting.

The Miami-Dade School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to authorize the superintendent to reopen schools for students beginning on Monday. Students whose parents opted for the Schoolhouse model in July will begin to return to school sites on Monday with a phased-in approach by grade level. All students who wish to return to in-school learning will return to school by Friday, Oct. 9.

Students whose parents choose the My School Online option in July’s survey will continue distance learning, school officials said.

Last week, the school board voted not to reopen schools for in-person learning until Oct. 14. The school board had considered a proposal by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho to begin opening up brick-and-mortar classrooms as an option for parents earlier in the month, but it opted unanimously for the later date after hearing from the community.

Following last week’s decision, Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran wrote a letter to Miami-Dade County Public Schools calling for schools to be fully re-opened by Oct. 5, saying he had “grave concerns” about the decision.

“This delay is extremely difficult for the students with individualized educational plans whose families count on the public education system for critical specialized services,” he said in the letter. “It is also harmful for students who are experiencing violence, abuse, and food insecurity in their homes going unnoticed, many of whom were already struggling to close the achievement gap and will now fall even further behind.”

Students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade, as well as students with special needs who are on a modified curriculum, will return to in-person learning on Monday. Students in second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade, as well as students in grades nine and ten, will return on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Students in seventh, eight, eleventh and twelfth grade will return to school on Friday, Oct. 9.

School officials also announced this Friday will be a teacher planning day to allow teachers to arrange their classrooms and prepare lessons plans for in-person teaching. There will be no school for students on Friday.

Parents who would like to change their student’s learning selection must contact their student’s school to complete a change of declaration form.

“The decision to transition to Stage II of the District’s reopening plan was made in light of Miami-Dade County’s transition to Phase II of reopening, the marked improvements seen in the series of health metrics identified by medical and public health experts, guidance from the State, and the school system’s overall level of readiness in terms of workforce, facilities and all necessary protocols,” school officials said in a prepared statement announcing the return to school.

The Florida Department of Education finalized its reopening plan at the end of July.

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