‘Madrasati’ platform linked to Microsoft

Saudi Gazette report


The Ministry of Education is currently working with Microsoft through a link between the “Madrasati” platform and the Microsoft program “365”, the Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh disclosed during a meeting with the media recently.

Al-Sheikh added that the Ministry of Education has worked on accomplishing the “My School” (Madrasati) platform, which serves over six million male and female students and their parents, and 525,000 people in education posts.

The platform has various features such as visual communication; and uploading assignments, enrichment materials, recorded lessons, tests, and examinations, among others.

This is in addition to a “Dashboard” for follow-up and evaluation for all administrative levels and uses, he said.

The minister stressed that the platform was completed in record time by national capabilities.

During a meeting with the media, the minister of education announced that 92 percent of male and female students have joined the Madrasati platform

This is in addition to 97 percent of men and women teachers, and 37 percent of parents, stressing that these numbers reflect the magnitude of the achievement made within a short period.

He pointed out that there are only two companies in the world whose education systems and platforms have previously carried a large number of users centrally, namely, Google and Microsoft.

He further said that the Ministry of Education is currently working with Microsoft through a link between the “Madrasati” platform and the Microsoft program “365”.

Dr. Al-Sheikh stressed that there is a local national platform, designed by national cadres, and owned by the Ministry of Education.

It is a strategic choice that the ministry had to adopt to ensure the continuity of distance education, indicating that unifying the education journey in one platform is meant to ensure implementation of the change plan smoothly and easily.

Al-Sheikh revealed the ministry’s intention to evaluate the education process after the elapse of five weeks, according to the changes and developments, and refer the matter to the King so as to issue his directives on whether to continue with distance education for the remainder of the first semester weeks, or otherwise.

The minister said that the current school year is exceptional due to the pandemic, but it is an opportunity for change, development, and facing the challenges, and overcoming many of them.

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