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Join Steve Forbes, Chairman, Forbes, at The Forbes School Of Business and Technology Leadership Virtual Summit on October 20th, 2020 and many other luminaries. This blog takes a slight turn from my usual AI leadership musings, as I wanted to inspire my readers to learn more, faster, as we all stretch out into the last quarter of 2020. Learning More Matters.

Hence, I am recognizing in this blog the Forbes Business and Technology School leadership summit chair, Dr. Karen Ivy, and her leadership summit program development comrades for creating a virtual unique Zoom leadership summit experience that you won’t want to miss.

My goal is to stir up your interest to attend this conference, as it is likely one of the best investments you can make before year-end, as there is nothing better than a room full of leaders sparking positive vibes to motivate you on Q4 to get on with it and make new things happen. Curiosity to discovery and learn, as Dr. Diane Hamilton has validated in her world-class research, is key to developing innovation capacity in organizations.

Every year, the Forbes School of Business and Technology holds an illuminating conference, bringing together CEOs, leaders, and students to examine the intersections of technology and its impact on business, work, and our personal lives – all with the goal to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that lead to individual organizational impact and change.

This year’s leadership summit is very unique, as it covers so many diverse perspectives to unlock innovation potential and reflection to all who attend. Honestly, I  can hardly wait to attend and hope that you will be inspired to join me, after being immersed in the highlights below.

This year’s roster of speakers will discuss a board range of topics from: education model shifts, complex money markets, sports business model evolution, entrepreneurship and social impact programs, technology and media modernization from AI, ML, IoT, etc. and also even explore the power of your authentic voice to unlock your human potential. Not good enough, well there is a session even on Canabis, discussing its meteoric growth rates in advancing medical treatments, and increasing adult usage. According to Grand View research, the global legal canabis market will reach over $73.6billion by 2027, growing at close to 20%, pending which market research report you review.  

What I love about this year’s leadership summit program is that Dr. Karen Ivey, Dean of the Technology Studies Department Chair, and her cadre of talented committee members have uniquely designed a program that is not bringing us just luminary content and speakers, but they are also combining both youth and senior leadership experiences with arts and musical recording artists, so every second the attendees have an opportunity to learn, reflect, at perfectly timed breaks, you can easily zip to grab a snack at your home office and be entertained.

Who knew how comfortable it could be being with the world’s best thinkers in the comfort of our own homes, being able to save on the travel costs and just be a few steps from our fridges. Sounds pretty awesome to me – what about you?

There is no question in my mind that the conference industry will never be the same post-Covid, with major event’s leaders already closing their event businesses, with brands like O’Reilly Media closing shop, to marquis leaders, like Digiday out of NY, no longer supporting major conventional operational venues due to Covid19.

Having been fortunate to travel so much earlier in my career to President’s Club with Xerox executives or Accenture partner conferences over the years, the Decade of the Home Economy has never been so unified on planet earth, since the pandemic turned our lives upside down.

The October 20th leadership summit starts with Education in The Age of Covid which explores the challenges that the corona virus has wrought upon us, as education is being reshaped not only for today, but also discusses how the pandemic has accelerated the modernization of student’s learning,  lifestyles and interests. Can you imagine student’s all returning to school full time again when logistics and educational costs can be lowered from a nice mix of virtual and in-school learning.?Diverse new educational business models are being rapidly developed and parents will have increased choices to balance, work and family life.  

After hearing about educational perspectives, the summit moves to a panel of talented young leaders sharing their entrepreneurship impact programs for social impact which will surely bring a rich dialogue on why they are seeking a more meaningful purpose with their time and lives, balancing profits and social consciousness. This session will allow us to listen to current youth leader views, which will give us a vision of how they see their leadership will improve upon past leadership. I suspect they will discuss that where the baby boomers did not protect mother earth and our environment on so many policy legislative levels;  our next generation of speakers will no doubt have some enlightening words to share and inspire us to forge more alignment to protect future generations.

The highlight of the conference will definitely be listening to the keynote of Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. If you have not heard Steve speak before, you will be in for a treat on his eloquence, historical depth and spell binding story-telling skills. He is an internationally respected authority in the world of economics, finance, and corporate leadership. Mr. Forbes will bring to his keynote long-standing insights that capitalism, free markets, and a flat tax are essential to a healthy economy. He will no doubt discuss the value of gold as the only solid currency in unstable money markets. With gold prices having increased by over 34% since the coronavirus pandemic, many investors have simply moved to safer places to secure their wealth. As geo-political tensions increase and the upcoming USA election, the market jitters could spoil any of the gains made over the past six months. Steve will have some precious words of wisdom for all business leaders to think harder about. You can read more about his thoughts and ideas in his most recent book, Reviving America: How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code and Reforming The Fed will Restore Hope and Prosperity.

No conference would be appropriate if there were not sufficient discussions around artificial intelligence and machine learning to discuss how AI can be used for more good than harm, the importance of responsible AI, types of industry use cases driving value outcomes, and the imperative for board directors and CEOs to increase their educational know-how to use these advanced technologies more efficiently and effectively. Panelists in the technology roster include speakers like: Lisa Sims, Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Rich Karlgard, Gary Sorrentino, and Dr. Cindy Gordon (or moi).

Did you know that voice is now seen as one of the biggest killer market places? –  as humans and increasingly robots will start to harmonize more in the quest to unlock the authentic and empathetic voice. The global speech and voice recognition market size is expected to reach over $31B by 2025, according to Grand View Research, with a CAGR of 17.2%  – so major vendors like: Amazon,  Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Baidu, IBM, Microsoft, Nuance,etc. are all very active in this market segment, let alone all the diverse niche market players.

The leadership summit also has invited Roger Love, the world’s number one vocal coach to speak and even do an engaging online coaching experience. Having heard Roger at last year’s Forbes virtual summit conference, he was able to have all the CEO’s, and conference attendees stand up and sing -and after everyone was hugging. However with no hugs this year, I suspect virtual heart hand shaped hugs will do the trick. If you don’t know about Roger, he is the brilliant man behind so many talented stars, CEOs and leaders aspiring to develop one of the best instruments – their voice. Unfortunately, we simply don’t tune it up enough. He is the voice coach behind many academy award winning performances: from Bradley Cooper’s and Lady Gaga’s winning voice(s) in A Star is Born, Jeff Bridge’s academy award winning country and western voice from Crazy Heart, to Reece Witherspoon’s, dynamite portrayal of June Carter Cash, Johnny’s Cash’s wife in Walk the Line. Even Tony Robbins relies on Roger’s voice coaching talents and increasingly more CEOs are turning to Roger to ensure their voices are heard and evoke feelings that move people to longingly not only remember their words, but also want to continue to engage and experience the words. Roger will discuss that when you unlock the secrets of your authentic voice, you can change everything and achieve your full human potential.

With Covid 19 being so prevalent in all our daily lives – one of North American’s greatest loves is sports. After several months of shut down due to the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic, the limited return of sports has been slow and as the business model of sports is under tremendous duress, as changing the game logistics is not only top of mind, but also how to secure fans in online paying viewing venues. Will sports fans pay the same fees to see sports online – let’s see what the sports and media entertainment experts have to say about the changing sport’s world.

Other discussions at the leadership summit will review the year 2020 and its impact ushering in both unexpected and unprecedented challenges across a myriad of dimensions, from health to wealth to family and philanthropy. Stories will be shared that unlock the promise of the balance of the year but also provide perspectives of 2021 will potentially unleash after the USA election.

No future foreward conference would just be right if there was not an opportunity to examine how the media, entertainment, and education industries are experiencing a monumental shift. The rise of streaming services, video games, and virtual reality have changed the ways in which we consume content and view the world.  

In closing, out the leadership summit, the final speakers will discuss how the year 2020 has brought new challenges and shifted the playing field of personal development and high-demand skills and expertise. They will discuss how technology will continue to play a big role in personalized, continuous professional development now and in the future with the ability of artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess a learner’s needs and offer customized learning content. The  pandemic has placed focus on employees working remotely and businesses finding virtual business solutions. Core beliefs are being challenged, work life is being disrupted, but in the end, this pandemic has no prejudice with whom it affects; it affects everyone! Across industries, the level of employee remote work agreements has increased. Working remotely can be a time of personal growth as well as maintaining a focus on work-life balance.  Speakers in this session are: Dr. Katie Thiry, Department Chair Professor at Forbes School of Business and Technology, and she is joined by inspirational and acclaimed authors: Vernice Armour, and Margie Wareell, and Dr. Steve Kerr where they will share their perspectives on the new challenges of personal development and increasingly the high demands for skills and expertise.

If these leadership topics are not enough, a session on Canabis, Take me Higher, will close out the venue where cannabis titans will discuss how cannabis is one of the biggest growth businesses of our life time, with also one of the most promising medical treatments to date.

I hope that you will join me and my esteemed colleagues at the 2020 Leadership Summit, invite your children, invite your friends, and colleagues, the value for the pricing for this incredible jam packed day – simply cannot be beat.

The upside your participation helps to fund new programs for The Forbes Business and Technology School, and reinforces that education is the strength pillar of investing in the greatest asset of your lifetime – The Power of You!

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In case you want a little historical context, Steve Forbes was inspired to partner with Ashford University and form together an alliance in 2013 to create The Forbes School of Business and Technology in California.

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Dr. Cindy Gordon is a CEO, a thought leader, author, keynote speaker, board director, and advisor to companies and governments striving to modernize their business operations, with advanced AI and advanced analytics methods. She is the CEO and Founder of SalesChoice Inc., an AI SaaS B2B company focused on Improving Sales Revenue Inefficiencies and Ending Revenue Uncertainty. A former Accenture, Xerox and Citicorp executive, she bridges governance, strategy and operations in her AI contributions. She is also a board advisor of the Forbes Business School of Business Technology and The AI Forum. She is passionate about modernizing innovation with disruptive technologies (SaaS/Cloud, Smart Apps, AI, IoT, Robots), with 13 books in the market, with the 14th on The AI Split: A Perfect World or a Perfect Storm to be released shortly. Cindy has recently completed a MIT Program on AI and Business Strategy Transformation to help her company’s B2B clients modernize their value-chain operations. You can also Follow her on Linked In.

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