Khaleej Times UniExpo: AI, VR in focus as UAE students explore higher education – News

KT UniExpo will continue to cater to students until Saturday.

As classrooms around the globe go digital because of the pandemic, higher education remains a top priority for UAE students, and the demand is at an all-time high, according to education experts at Khaleej Times UniExpo.

They also spoke about various troubleshooting methods to follow while applying to students’ dream universities. Dr Ajay Shukla, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Higher Education – UAE, spoke on the importance of providing direct, indirect and distance counselling, keeping in mind the current situations.

Arsalan Yunus, director of Enroll, said: “The pandemic situation has struck the higher education industry hard. However, colleges are beginning to see promising numbers as universities in the UK, US and Canada are making special incentives for students to continue their education.”

He added that recent studies predicted at least eight million students pursuing their education by 2024. “Apart from the usual top destinations for higher education, students are also looking at China as a favourable centre.”

Tech to take over

Technology defines the new world order, said Dr Arindam Banerjee, deputy dean – MBA at SP Jain School of Global Management – UAE. “With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution and the changing job market, what defines the new world order is technology – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), robotics and digitisation. At least 65 per cent of students in school now will work in jobs that do not exist today. A lot of routine tasks will be automated,” he said.

“Since industries and businesses are moving from a content-based to an innovation-based market, we need the problem solvers of tomorrow,” he added.

Taher Kapasi, education manager – Middle East at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), spoke about the opportunities in finance and accountancy. “It is not just about numbers. Being an advisor, you can tell businesses what they could do with their money.”

KT UniExpo will continue to cater to students until Saturday.

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