International Day of the Girl: What is it all about?

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WATCH: ‘It’s just your gender – it doesn’t make a difference who you are’

It’s the International Day of the Girl – a day to bring attention to girls’ rights and the various challenges that they face all around the world

To celebrate Day of the Girl, Malala Yousafzai will be joining the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a virtual chat, discussing how important it is for girls all over the world to have access to education.

Currently, 130 million girls around the world do not have access to an education.

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Happy International Day of the Girl!

What is International Day of the Girl, and why does it exist?

Day of the Girl is a day to help educate and bring attention to girls’ rights and other types of challenges that girls face around the world.

For me, International Day of the Girl is a day to not only recognise all the troubles faced by girls across the world but also to celebrate our importance, strength, and power. It’s a day to remember that despite what the world tells us and throws our way, we’re powerful beyond measure.”

Hayat Musa, Youth activist and co-founder of education charity Kow iyo Labo

Being unable to get an education, being made to marry while you’re still a child, or simply not being given as many chances at things as boys – these are just some of the difficulties girls can face.

It can happen to girls in countries all around the world but some can be more of a problem in certain places.

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What does Day of the Girl mean to you? Let us know in the comments.

It’s a day about coming together and celebrating the change that girls can make – which is huge! Young girls can make a difference. Gender shouldn’t hold anyone back, and we hope that lots of girls all over the world can realise this and achieve everything they want to!”

Ella, 15, Co-founder of Be Plastic Clever

For example in the UK, everyone has access to schools and an education – it’s no different if you’re a girl.

But in other countries it can be hard for girls to go to school – their family might not be able to afford it or they might want them to stay at home or get married instead of completing their studies.

International Day of the Girl was set up by the United Nations – or the UN – a worldwide organisation that brings countries together to talk about world issues.

What’s happening this year?

The discussion between Malala, Prince Harry and Meghan on Sunday will be live-streamed on YouTube and the Malala Fund’s social media pages.

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Malala Yousafzai graduated from Oxford University this Summer.

It’s great to focus on youth female activists around the world. We’ve seen now more than ever the number of girls standing up for what they’re passionate about – be it education, climate action or equal rights.

Amy, 17 , Co-ofunder of Kids Against Plastic.

Malala Yousufzai is a campaigner for girls’ education from Pakistan.

She was shot by the Taliban in 2012, when she was just 14 years old, but continued her work and became the youngest person ever to win the world-famous Nobel Peace Prize.

Prince Harry and Meghan, who stepped back as senior royals earlier this year, recently called for ‘structural racism’ to be brought to an end.

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