India’s most affordable online education platform, coming soon: Shiksha Mission

NEW DELHI: ‘Equal Education for all’ should be the right of every child. India is going to witness a new venture of online education based on the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision towards education for children.

‘Shiksha Mission’ is an upcoming platform to provide e-learning classes to the students from class two to twelve in the most affordable pocket friendly cost. Gandhi’s aim for education explained it as more than as assumed.

Adding extracurricular activity should be the indispensable part of the education. Considering such elements Shiksha Mission announces a complete package of e-learning along with extracurricular activities like dance, personality development and English Speaking. With this vision Shiksha Mission will be proved as a new jackpot for village and sub-urban children to start their e-learning classes in the lowest cost.

Students from all income categories and social class can explore this platform to get quality education with attractive visuals and expert teachers.

Initially, Shiksha Mission has prepared its e-learning programmeon the basis of course module fromall major boards in India. Following the course modulesShiksha Mission has added some extra instances and interactive teaching skills. These classes will be in general communication language Hindi with the required English interpretations.

One more significant element added by Shiksha Mission is providing ‘Personal Security Cover to the students in the same cost of e-learning package. Shiksha Mission considers personal security of students with equal importance as education. So a combined package of e-learning and Personal Security Cover is prepared to make students secure with their education and future both. An individual from age group 5 to 40 can easily access the website and subscribe this e-learning package.

It is the vision of Prime Minister NarendraModi to promote digital education in India. Shiksha Mission has taken this initiative to be a contributor of this great vision. In this COVID 19 outbreak and effect of lock down students got confronted with a new issue of distance education. It has also become the need of future education patterns to adopt quality e-learning classes in the cost effective manner.

John Salvador, who holds this entrepreneur with his expert team members, has a long run experience of handling social works, human resource and marketing explains Shiksha Mission in his own words. For him, Shiksha Mission aims to provide equal opportunity to all children to get education with a transparent process with flat pricings.

He added, it was too difficult to manage a pocket friendly e-learning platform but when you have a vision with a pure thought people in your surrounding support you to achieve the goal, and finally we are here with the announcement of Shiksha Mission.

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