I have to quit my job for my kids’ education

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Many Kentuckians say they are struggling to balance work, family and their children’s education.

Work and home life balance has always been an issue, but now it means adding children’s education on top of all that. Whether it is virtual, in-person, or homeschooling, the parents say sometimes it is just too much.

Parent and daycare part-owner Donna Bennett has six children and says getting the kids where they need to go for their separate education needs is the hardest part.

“You got to make sure one’s online while the other one’s doing some type of classwork and vice versa. Each one of them, they have different work. So it’s hard to keep all the schedules going,” explains Bennett.

For her daycare, she has to meet and follow the state’s childcare program requirements, such as social distancing. This means she cannot take in everyone, and she has seen the strain it puts on other families.

“I think families are smart enough to know what they need for their family,” Bennett says on the topic of in-person or virtual learning. She has one child with extensive medical issues and made the decision to keep her learning online.

While Bennett had to cut back on hours at the daycare for her children, another Kentucky mother had to put her career on hold.

“I actually recently had to quit my job just because trying to balance the homeschooling, the virtual learning, and stuff like that with work just became–it was impossible,” says mother of three Keri Walker.

a little boy that is standing in the grass: Parent has to quit job for children's education.

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Parent has to quit job for children’s education.

She speaks with 13 News in her car while her kids nap. It is her only free time.

“Of course, me losing my income and having to rely solely on my husband’s income has created a strain. I mean [we’re], just kind of having to learn to adapt,” Walker notes.

She explains the hardest of all is taking on the role of teacher to her three and four-year-old kids.

a group of young children sitting next to a child: Kari Walker's three kids cuddle together on the couch.

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Kari Walker’s three kids cuddle together on the couch.

“Being at home and trying to do this work with a three-year-old, it’s definitely difficult. it’s very hard.”

13 News reached out to many other parents who were not about to talk because they did not have the time.

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