Human Rights Campaign Equality Votes PAC Launches Final Mobilization Campaign to Educate and Mobilize Equality Voters

The ads target hundreds of thousands of “Equality Voters” in key districts where their turnout is critical to the outcome of the Presidential contest statewide. Partnering with the data and analytics firm Catalist to create an “Equality Voter Model,” the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) built on decades of voter and polling data to assess the degree to which a person is likely to support pro-LGBTQ policies — from marriage equality and adoption by LGBTQ parents, to laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Supporters in any state can go to to register to vote, verify their voter registration, find out about early in-person or mail voting options and receive election reminders. For more information on how to get involved, sign up to volunteer, or join an advocacy training, visit HRC’s Equality Voter Action Center.

Full Transcript “Don’t Get Comfortable”:

Don’t get comfortable.

Our hard-won rights in the courts?

They want to chip away at them.

Amy Coney Barrett, nominated to be the next Supreme Court justice?

She’s the self proclaimed ideological heir to anti-equality Justice Scalia.

“His judicial philosophy is mine, too.”

Anti-equality Senators want to rush through this lifetime appointment instead of prioritizing relief during the pandemic.*

They are desperate and the clock is ticking. They know they’re losing.

Let’s vote them out. Today.

*(Features: Graham – SC, Ernst – IA, Tillis – NC, McSally – AZ, Gardner – CO, Purdue – GA, Loeffler – GA, Daines – MT, Cornyn – TX)

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