How a Granite Bay High School family is handling distance learning

Like so many other kids, Josh Kerekes goes to class in his bedroom, on a laptop.

a screen shot of a computer keyboard: Distance learning

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Distance learning

Kerekes spent most of his freshman year inside Granite Bay High School. The school switched to online learning at the end of last school year, a transition that had a bumpy start.

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He says things got easier toward the end of last year, and this year he was supposed to have started in-person classes. Then, the school had to make a change right before school started.

After that shaky start, his mother, Annette De La Cruz, was worried about how things would start out this year. But she says Granite Bay had things on track from the beginning.

Both Annette and her husband work in the medical field and have an older daughter at home going to online community college, so working out their schedules and Josh’s schedules requires coordination and technology.

Get the full story in the video above.

KCRA 3 is following four families on their journey with distance learning throughout the school year. Each family has a unique dynamic, struggles and learning strategy.


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