Hoonuit Introduces Digital Learning Analytics Dashboards to Help Educators Uncover Digital Learning Engagement and its Impact on Student Success

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hoonuit, a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions in education, announced today the introduction of new analytics that provide educators actionable insights about digital learning engagement. Hoonuit’s Digital Learning Analytics dashboards are part of its Essentials Analytics solution suite and available to all K-12 districts nationwide.

Since the onset of school closures due to COVID-19, there has been a significant surge in usage of virtual tutoring, video conferencing, and online learning software. Further, digital learning will be a fundamental component of schooling for the foreseeable future as social distancing requirements complicate traditional teaching. As a result, Hoonuit partnered with experts from both the data and academic support teams of its district clients to unearth the most meaningful and actionable insights from digital learning data. From that research three key questions emerged:

  • Which students have access to learning in a remote environment?
  • Which students are actively engaging in digital learning? Who is not engaging?
  • Is there a relationship between digital learning engagement and student success?

Hoonuit’s digital learning dashboards address these questions by surfacing rich analytics and providing actionable engagement insights for educators to strategize and implement digital learning approaches.

“The need for digital learning insights emerged quickly as schools transitioned to distance learning. It has been very gratifying to see broad range of users – including principals, district administrators, and teachers – utilize these dashboards daily to understand how digital learning is impacting their students and schools,” said Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit. “Our dashboards empower educators to discover if students, teachers, and parents are accessing their LMS, if they are interacting with the content, and identify correlations across student engagement, student performance and student outcomes.”

Howard County Public School System in Maryland provided the inspiration for the digital learning analytics dashboards. Their team took advantage of Hoonuit’s extensible platform to create their own digital learning reporting metrics. Hoonuit expanded that work to make digital learning analytics standard content available to the entire Hoonuit community. “These dashboards have been adopted by our users on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as a one-stop-shop, providing a variety of information at the district, school, department, and student level,” said Brandy Iskin, Coordinator of Data Warehouse and Reporting at Howard County Public School System. “The data these dashboards provide are a tool to help staff monitor and identify students in order to ensure students do not fall off their radar in the virtual environment and are getting the support they need.”

The Hoonuit data and analytics solution is source agnostic, enabling insights from any Learning Management System (LMS) and other digital learning tools including Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Seesaw Dreambox, and Lexia. Digital learning metrics can be segmented by school, grade, teacher, ethnicity, gender, program membership, course names, and more for subgroup analysis.

Digital Learning Analytics was identified by Hoonuit as one of four key data use trends that education agencies will need to focus on over the next 18-24 months to help preserve and cultivate positive student outcomes. To learn more, download Hoonuit’s Insight Report: The Evolving Role of Education Data. The report summarizes qualitative interviews with more than 100 subject matter experts within the Hoonuit analytics community.

To learn more about Hoonuit’s Digital Analytics dashboards and metrics and Data and Analytics platform, or to receive a demonstration, please visit https://www.hoonuit.com/contact.

About Hoonuit
Hoonuit, a leading provider of data management and analytics solutions in education, is on a mission to empower educators and communities with actionable insights to improve student outcomes. With robust analytics solutions, Hoonuit is a trusted partner to education agencies of all sizes. Hoonuit supports more than 300 active implementations nationwide and serves over five million students. To learn more, visit hoonuit.com.

Understanding Engagement--Hoonuit identifies if students, teachers, and parents are using your LMS tools and interacting with content. Answer key questions: How many courses are students enrolled in by ethnicity? In what kind of content are students engaging? In what kind of content are teachers engaging?

Measuring Outcomes--Hoonuit identifies correlations between student outcomes and digital learning engagement. Answer key questions: Does LMS participation affect student grades? How are student grades changing over time while using the LMS? Does LMS participation affect student test scores? How are student test scores changing over time while using the LMS?

Empowering educators to make informed, impactful decisions with analytics solutions and personalized professional development. (PRNewsfoto/Hoonuit)

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