Hong Bao Media launches online learning Academy

Hong Bao Media is pleased to announce the launch of its online learning platform, HBM Academy.

In recognition of the trend towards more online learning, we have launched the platform with two of our market-proven courses, “Business presentation skills for future leaders”, and “Video Savvy – Express course for marketers producing video”, which have already seen good take up on the online learning platform Udemy.

A third course titled “How to present live webcasts like a TV anchor” will be added soon.

“The circuit breaker and lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak this year has caused a tectonic shift in how people communicate and learn,” said Mark Laudi, Managing Director of Hong Bao Media, “Almost all business activity has moved online, and people have become very accustomed to doing everything virtually. Now that the lockdown has ended and business is getting back to normal, some of those habits will stick.”

While all of the courses offer significant value on their own, we will also offer participants a practical add-on element.

“By launching the HBM Academy we will not only be able to deliver our popular and market-proven curricula at scale, but also offer a blended learning experience.”

This means, participants can take the online course and choose to come into the studio for a practical workshop, with immediate feedback and guidance offered. The online course fees will be refunded.

To access the HBM Academy, visit www.hongbaomedia.com/academy.

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