Hillsborough Board Of Education Profile: Cindy Nurse

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Hillsborough Township School Board has six candidates vying for three seats in the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

Cynthia “Cindy” DeCavalcante Nurse is one of the candidates running. The other candidates include Ann Harris, Benjamin Wilson Kidd, incumbent Judith C. Haas, incumbent Dr. Lorraine A. Soisson, and Paul Marini.

All of the candidates are running for the three, three-year seats on the board.

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1. Why are running for Board of Education?

My name is Cynthia DeCavalcante Nurse “Cindy Nurse” and I would be honored to serve on the Hillsborough Board of Education. I am a lifelong New Jersey resident with the exception of the three years I lived in Lancaster, PA while teaching after graduating from Millersville University. Although Lancaster was beautiful, I missed my family and New Jersey itself and returned home in 2000. Upon moving back to New Jersey I was hired in Montgomery Township and taught there for five years before accepting a job as a staff developer in the Bridgewater-Raritan School District, where I continue to work as an educator.

I have lived in Hillsborough with my husband and two daughters, ages 11 and 13, since 2012. We picked Hillsborough specifically for its beauty and reputable school district. My goal, if elected to the Hillsborough Board of Education, is to bring about positive change through open communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

2. What are your qualifications for this position?

“Education Above Politics” is a platform I stand by both personally and professionally. I do not come with an agenda, only to make a positive difference. My 23 years as an educator in a variety of positions including classroom teacher, staff developer, reading specialist, and intervention specialist have allowed me to truly understand students’ needs. My Grievance Chair position within a neighboring school district has allowed me to work collaboratively with both staff and administration to problem solve and gain an understanding of district needs from both perspectives. Previous experience on the negotiations team has also aided in gaining an understanding of opposing points of view within the same side and on opposite sides of the table.

Although I have been endorsed by the HEA, I stand on my own to make decisions that are right for this community. And I will continue to campaign based on the positive change I can bring.

3. The single most pressing issue facing our school district is ____ and this is what I intend to do about it:

The most important matter at hand is repairing relationships between the BOE, administration, and the Hillsborough Education Association. Health and safety for students, staff, and the community will also be at the top of my priority list. This includes re-establishing safe and cost-effective transportation to ensure students arrive to and return home from school safely with no extra cost to our families.

4. What are other issues you would like to see addressed in the school district?

As a taxpayer, fiscal responsibility is also of extreme importance to me. Managing and balancing the budget with minimal disruption or negative consequences to students, staff, the district, or the community is an important objective. I hope I can count on your vote so together we can make our district even stronger.

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