Government teachers’ licence registration on hold

The Teachers Affairs Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has decided to suspend the registration of professional licences for teachers at government schools, and no new applications will be received during the current school year 2020/2021, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported. 

A circular issued by the department directed to the government schools, said the department will only address the unprocessed applications from the past year. The priority for application to the professional licensing programme will be given to the co-ordinators of subjects, experienced teachers. Co-ordinators who have not got such license can apply for the second level of the programme, while those who already got the license and have spent five years according to the previous system can apply to receive the third level in case they comply with the set regulations and required standards.
Accordingly, schools prepare timetables for the relevant classroom demonstrations of teachers, and subject co-ordinators and the academic deputies in co-ordination with the school inspectors concerned to comply with the set requirements for acquiring the professional licence from the targeted category. The application process is online.
The strategy of granting professional licenses for such categories is mainly based on the routine activities inside schools and classrooms and gives special focus on their real performances on a daily basis, besides their way of evaluating students, analysing the results and communicate this to the parents to take the necessary steps to address any shortcomings and make the required improvements.
The system is meant to enhance the quality of the educational process and improve the results of both teachers and students, which would reflect positively on their future, Arrayah added.

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