Gandhian Philosophy and Today’s Education Systems

On 29th July, India took another arena of education and passed National Education Policy 2020 replacing 34 years old education policy of 1986. Aiming Universalisation of Education, it provided a blank check to the modern-based system. It’s created to develop knowledge in place of memory of the students through different curriculums, yet not meets the insider of education. The inside Indian root what Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy provides us, no one’s attention goes there in every changing policy of India rather envisages Westernisation.

Almost all western ideology throws light on “End Justifies Means”. Opposing this ideology, the architect of Indian freedom, Mahatma Gandhi contributed his thought in contrast to western ideology and said “Means Justify End”. Our discussion will be based on this, the core idea of Mahatma Gandhi, how it’s a pathway for today’s education to develop a child to his greatest efficiency.

The UPSC examination along with 90% of exams of India are following “End Justifies Means”, the western principle. The principle is that take a target and get ready for preparation. ‘End’ is coming first to their mind. Example, a student who never studied, enjoyed whole year and somehow passed, but cracked the Post Graduation entrance exam within one month, two months of preparation. So here what is happening that a student without proper study, by gathering previous year question papers, covering the syllabus, becoming bookworm for two months and cracks the Entrance Exam. And another student who gave his best in entire graduation career cracked and came to the same level even trying the best. But the first one is something anti-disciplinary, and the students studying at their best in graduation level remain in the flow of the same competition. So what is the fault of second category students even after giving their best. Being many ways better than 2-Months-Bookworm, they can’t find special opportunities and go with the flowing system.

In Civil Service Exam, a student from class 1, being well prepared, giving his best preparation of NCERTs, performing best in the polity, economics, geography, environment etc. cracked it. Another one preparing for 1 or 2 years cracked it. One gave the whole career for it, another gave 2 or 3 years only looking aim/end in mind.

So every form of Indian Education System following the trend “End first then Means”. For this Indian system is not following our deep rooted vision of Mahatma Gandhi and his principle “Means justify End” is vanished. But to my opinion, it should be of utmost priority. A student giving his all-time best should have more priority by following Gandhi’s End-Means Relationship. Different planning should be made for this. It must be a concern for policymakers for best-suited education delegated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

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