Equity gaps in education growing before pandemic; state hopes to bring change | Education

While the rate of Hoosier students going to college has declined across all races and ethnicity, the report finds gaps are growing among minority students.

Hispanic and Latino students show the lowest college going rate among all students at 51%. However, a 9 percentage point drop in the number of black students attending college in the last five years proves to be the most significant decline among any Hoosier race or ethnicity.

Socioeconomic status also plays a role in students’ progression to college. The report found white men of a local-income were the least likely to continue to college with just 29% pursuing that higher education.

PNW sees overall decline, high retention in fall 2020 enrollment report

Once in college, the report finds, black and Hispanic students are less likely to continue to their second year and eventually complete their higher education.

However, the rate of Hoosiers overall completing their education on time at two- and four-year institutions is increasing.

And, though the effects of the pandemic are yet to be seen, Indiana students have shown significant improvement in the level of remediation needed over the last five years.

In fact, black students have gained 25 percentage points in this area over the last five years.

More Hoosier students are graduating from college on time, state report finds

The report also tracks broad data on students’ progression into careers after college completion, finding that women of color are least likely to enter high-paying STEM fields and that nearly 90% of those graduating from Indiana university education programs to become the state’s next teachers are white.

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