Clovis teen’s free online tutoring helps students across the country

A free online tutoring program, started by a Clovis teen, is going nationwide and now helping kids across the country.

What started as an idea to help students in the Central Valley has quickly spread.

“We started getting responses from many different states,” said founder of Tutor Nirvana Jai Mehrotra-Varma.

The Clovis North senior started to provide free tutoring to students struggling with online learning.

“I knew this was an opportunity that could benefit not just my community but other communities,” added Varma. “I started reaching out to other leaders and tried to get them to establish chapters in their communities.”

Varma says they are now working with students in 23 states and have recently created a YouTube channel.

“Subjects like biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry just to name a few,” said Varma.

The team consists of student volunteers from across the country, like Maggie Reznik, a fellow tutor for the site living in New York.

“I was looking for online tutoring opportunities,” said Reznik. “We were emailing for about a month and finally had a meeting and started to plan how we were going to do it since he’s in California and I’m in New York.”

With school in full swing, they want to help as many students as possible.

“We really saw how technology is able to connect, how it’s connected the world over past years and that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Varma.

“Get more people signed up and get more people involved in the tutoring, videos anything they can,” said Reznik.

If you’re a student interested in free online tutoring or would like to volunteer as a tutor visit

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