Celebration of creation of an education philosophy “Manifestism” by Ritesh Rawal

New Delhi [India], September 28 (ANI/NewsVoir): As a successful Founder of Dudes and Dolls – The Cosmic School, Adhyay School and Ritesh Rawal Foundation, Ritesh has been working in the field of education for more than a decade.
His research work revolves around the thought-provoking topics in the area education, which are related to its evolution, and different eras related to education.
Manifestism is a philosophical term created by Ritesh Rawal to name his educational philosophy, it is an amalgamation of the English word “Manifestation” which means an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical and “ism”, ism at the end of a word suggests the word is related to a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as an authority by a group or school of thought.
According to Ritesh Rawal, education is the most important tool that can bring equality in society and uplift the socio-economic state of the world.
“When I extended my research work to evaluate existing education philosophical framework education, I discovered that the existing frameworks are evolved as per the eras they were created in, however with the evolution of social structures, environment, and human beings the philosophical approach towards education has to be evolved with the expectation and the purpose of education required in today’s scenario and the component of visibility and tangibility has to address more clearly and in a philosophical framework. The existing philosophies addressed education up to the stage of experimentation which is a bit far from the expectation of the current era in which the stakeholder of educational philosophy has evolved and expects proof of applicability, in today’s world proof of applicability is an essential element and it needs to be addressed at the stage of a philosophical educational framework, so that learning space, the learning environment, teaching methodology, development of teachers can be done accordingly to establish proof of applicability. Proof of applicability can only be established once the focus at the philosophical level will move beyond the experimentation approach and in order to bring that change the ultimate aim of the learning approach should be the Manifestation of learning in the real-life either in the tangible or intangible form, therefore philosophically education would move towards a new direction called “Manifestism”. This is the genesis of the world’s new education philosophy “Manifestism”,” said Ritesh.
Expansion of philosophy starts when a philosopher, after creating it, hands over to the world and people start using it; discussing it, share their questions and opinions about it.
During the celebration of Manifestism Day, On the 27th Sep’20, Ritesh Rawal also launched a website www.themanifestism.com to invite people across the globe to participate in the expansion of Manifestism, through the website people will be able to read about the philosophy, understand about its genesis, its structure, ask questions about it and can become part of Manifestism by Ritesh Rawal.
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