Black women in business: Grace Olugbodi makes maths fun with board game

GRACE OLUGBODI is determined to help kids enjoy and excel at maths.

Olugbodi is the founder of BeGenio, the maker of Race to Infinity, a mathsbased board game for children.

“My mission is to turn mathematics into a game that every child would love to play,” Olugbodi told The Voice.

“I would want my legacy to be that I came, I saw children who were struggling with maths and having mathematic anxiety and low confidence as a result of mathematics and that I changed that through games and gave children confidence that they can get good at mathematics.”

Achieving this is no easy task.


“I’m quite literally used to being the only black person at an event or at a show within the games industry,” she said.

“It makes it harder because I don’t have people that are black females that I can easily find that have gone before me and done really well in this industry.”

Despite the challenges, Olugbodi has benefitted from recent efforts to support black-owned businesses, which she says gives her hope.

She’s also been given advice and assistance from the Department for International Trade, which has helped her to expand into international markets.

For those considering launching their own business, Olugbodi has this to say: “My advice would be to step and go for those opportunities that are out there that it doesn’t look like we’ll get anywhere with, because you never know.”

This month, Olugbodi will be launching four new maths games, including those for early years, and there are plans to launch an app, too.

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