All LPS high school students will go back second quarter, ending staggered schedules | Education

Another change: Elementary school teachers who teach “specials” — subjects such as music, art and computer —will begin teaching in their own classrooms beginning next quarter, Joel said.

Now those teachers travel to each classroom, so students can remain more isolated with their own classmates. The change also is based on the lack of school spread and confidence in the existing safety protocols, Joel said.

Another change — this one will need board approval — is to give students Nov. 2 off.

LPS already will not be in session the next day because it’s election day. LPS chose to give students the day off because of the potential for a large turnout and many schools are polling places.

That will give students a four-day weekend, and will give teachers another planning day — something Joel said is needed because of the extra stress and duties caused by remote learning.

Joel said LPS officials are aware of the stress on teachers, but noted that a survey found a majority of parents think they’re doing a good job, a testament to their efforts. A majority of teachers didn’t think it was going so well.

In the survey, 65%-78% of parents — it differed for different grade levels — said they agreed or strongly agreed that their students’ remote learning was going well. Between 11% and 32% of parents responded to the survey.

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