A Guide to Online Bachelor’s Degrees Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for all of us. Education has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, forcing students to transition from in-person learning to an online format. These courses were never intended to be taught online. Many factors have caused both students and parents much uncertainty about how learning will continue in the future, including social distancing, campuses remaining closed this fall, and the threat of catching the virus.

Online learning may be the only option for students to continue their plans for higher education while staying safe during this pandemic. East Central University is aware that there are many questions and concerns regarding obtaining a degree entirely online.

At East Central University, they hope to provide all the necessary information for you to make decisions confidently. They offer you this guide created by leaders in higher education research and online education, Wiley Education Services, in partnership with DegreesOnline.com to answer your pressing questions.

This guide addresses the impact of COVID-19 on online education, such as myths vs. facts about online learning, the online student experience, and the difference between proven online degree programs and emergency online instruction.

View the guide on the ECU website.

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