5 Must Read Career Development Books

Development is a continuous process. It shows how a person has improved in all or some spheres of life.

Some areas where development is measured or noticed include the spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, mental, and academic areas of life. Even a company’s development is measured. Need reviews about online companies? Head to Collected.Reviews.

Reading is a form of measuring development. Readers are leaders because what you read will reflect the level of development evident in your words, thoughts and actions. Books contain the thoughts and experiences of people. Search for online bookshops for your book needs and more opinions about this topic at opinions of online bookstores.

How then does a career person know what development books to read? Let’s look at 5 of them.

1. Eat That Frog

Written by Brian Tracy, an expert in the world of business, career, and self-development. The book showcases how to begin your day either at home or at work. It highlights the benefits of doing your most hard work first (eat the biggest and slimiest of frogs) before the easier ones. The writer encourages doing the hardest, toughest, most difficult, back-breaking, and mind-boggling, work first.

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Written by another guru in the sphere of business, career, and self-development. The writer enumerates habits that people who are effective in all areas of their lives do. Some of these habits include the ability to know what is in their circle of influence (what they can change) and working (doing all they can) within that influence and leaving anything outside of that circle (outside of their influence ).

3. Talent Is Not Enough

John Maxwell is yet another commanding authority in the world of business, career, and self-development. His book demystified the myth of thinking talent is enough to be successful in life. In the book, he talked about the many other things that made talented people, especially athletes, become the best in their fields.

4. Failing Forward

Another classic by John Maxwell. He again shatters another myth about failing in business. He explains the benefits of failing in business and not fearing failure in business. It’s a great book for people who have just started out in business. It removes the fear of failing and developing courage in both life and career.

5. Thanks For The Feedback: The Science And Art Of Receiving Feedback Well

Written by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen. It is a wonderful book on how to use feedback from your bosses to effectively grow your career anywhere. The authors dwell on how a raise or promotion at work reflects your overall performance at work and on the job.

A career person needs to understand the importance of reading books that will guide, improve and grow his person as regards his job and career. A career is a continuous thing, the same as development is. And whatever ways you have developed yourself will be reflected wherever you go.

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