4 Reasons Why The US is Shifting Towards Online Learning Programs

Every year more parents enrol their children in online programs in the United States.

Statistics show that between 2012 and 2018, the virtual learning industry recorded significant growth.

Annual growth of 5.30% increase in the number of students in the eLearning industry was recorded yearly since 2012.

Researchers also noticed that almost all colleges in the United States had at least one online course that was fully offered virtually.

The acceptance rate of eLearning continuously grew bigger as more technological advancement was developed in the educational landscape.

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Moreso, the break of the COVID-19 virus that made governments all across the globe to impose stern regulations to curb the spread of the virus forced learning institutions to shut down.

Students were sent home and a state of uncertainty flooded through the education industry.

Learning institutions were forced to employ distant learning, especially in the United States, to conduct learning and at the same time keep students and teachers safe.

This caused the popularity of virtual learning in the education landscape in general to rise tremendously. See US online courses with certification for insight on the best and affordable courses and certifications offered online.

With all these in mind, let us take a look at some of the reasons why studying online and enrolling on online courses has become widely accepted in the United States.

Freedom of learning.

One of the perks of enrolling in an online course or studying online, in general, is that you have a lot of liberty to do various things.

You can easily set up your own schedule in a manner that best suits you since leaning online is flexible.

You are also at liberty to learn in any environment that you deem best comfortable allowing you to retain more information.

This is unlike traditional class-based learning in the United States. For instance, primary schools students are sent home with heaps of homework that have short deadlines.

This most of the time leaves students with little room to pursue their interests or their talents and resultantly increases their stress levels.

Researchers have found out that too much pressure and stress imposed on young children tamper with their long-term development, hence online learning presenting a lucrative and suitable form of education.

Saving money on tuition fees and other costs,

With the constant rise of the tuition fee in learning institutions such as colleges and universities, more and more people are opting out of education since they can not simply afford it.

This has been a growing problem within universities in particular. Students drop out because of either tuition fees or the thought of running bankrupt due to student loans debts.

However, the cost of online learning is a fraction of the price that would have been paid to get enrolled in a traditional class-based class.

This is attributed to the fact that costs such as accommodation and commuting fees are all eliminated since learning does not occur in one specific place.

This factor has driven many Americans to embrace online courses and online programs as the new, efficient and affordable system to acquire education.

More parent/guardian involvement.

Parents and guardians having constantly fretting all the time about not being able to spend some quality time with their children.

Traditional class-based learning involves students spending a lot of time in school and more time trying to meet deadlines and working on projects and assignments.

However, with online learning, where schedules are flexible and malleable, parents and guardians can spend more quality time with their children as they learn.

Better yet, they can intrinsically get involved in their studies by overseeing their work and becoming their academic coaches.

This is a win-win, being involved in both of their children’s social and academic endeavours.

Presence of a well established social network of tutors and other students.

Another enticing perk that has attracted more and more Americans to online programs and courses is the availability of an on-call social network of experienced instructors and other students.

This is by far an advantage compared to traditional class-based learning due to the constant support students receive as they solve problems and the cohesive collaborations they make with other students.


It is obvious that more Americans are realizing the perks of online programs and moving in that direction.

Make sure you join the trend and benefit from acquiring new skills through an online program or course.