Seattle schools is launching a ‘school reopening’ task force that will work on online learning

For eight months, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) leaders say they will lean on the work of a 20-person task force to help inform its decision-making as schools mediate worsening educational inequities caused by remote learning. Anyone can apply to be on it.

Contrary to its name — the Reopening Plan Task Force — the group’s primary focus isn’t to guide the physical reopening of classrooms, but to improve upon current remote learning practices.

On paper, the group is intended to be a sounding board and regular advisor to the superintendent throughout this school year. The district expects the group to derive its recommendations from academic research (particularly on remote learning), district data on student engagement and community feedback.

Or, in the district’s words in School Board documents: “The Task Force will make recommendations to the Superintendent and Board leadership regarding mid-year course corrections, possible revisions, and other continuous improvement ideas.”

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3 Things To Know About The Future Of Work And Automation

Long before Covid-19 upended our daily lives, the “future of work” discussion was already well underway. In fact, the National Science Foundation had identified research surrounding the Future of Work as one of its 10 Big Ideas for Future NSF Investments. With the landscape drastically altered since March 2020, we’re now forced to come to terms with these changes, and their potential fallout, sooner than expected.

The pandemic has expediated disruption and we’re now

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Zovio Inc.: The Future Of Education Technology (NASDAQ:ZVO)

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. – B. F. Skinner

Zovio Inc. (NASDAQ:ZVO) is an education technology company that works directly with schools and corporations to create personalized learning solutions. Zovio specializes in developing platforms that leverage data analytics to streamline curated content delivery to students.

Zovio was started in San Diego in 2014 under its original name, Bridgepoint Education. The company has a market cap of roughly $132M, considerably smaller than some of its competitors in the education technology space, like Strategic Education Inc. (NASDAQ:STRA) ($2.3B) or Grand Canyon Education Inc. ($814M) (NASDAQ:LOPE).

Unlike its peers, Zovio has enjoyed a near doubling of its stock price so far this year. From just over $2 per share at the beginning of 2020, ZVO is now trading above $4. The appreciation in price, however, came after a dismal 2019 performance for the stock.


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‘It isn’t wrestling; it’s about education’

The commission on presidential debates said it will announce changes to the presidential debate format after seeing how Tuesday night’s presidential debate went.

A longtime debate moderator in Wisconsin hopes the next debate looks more like the ones put on in the state.

Since 2014, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has allowed moderators to cut the mics when people went over time or couldn’t follow the rules.

Jill Geisler, a former broadcaster and leader in news media, said she hopes the commission on presidential debates will put in more measures to maintain the purpose of these debates.

“It isn’t an entertainment program,” she said. “It isn’t wrestling. It’s about education. It’s about communication, and it should be about civility. And if you have to enforce the civility and the fairness by using

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