Green light for 15 female-only professor posts in higher education

Funding for 15 new female-only professor posts has been approved for third-level institutions in a bid to tackle gender inequality in the sector.

igher Education Minister Simon Harris gave the green light to the posts on Monday, saying they are needed to increase female leadership and address the gender imbalance that currently exists in Irish academia.

Mr Harris described the move as a “real game-changer” for the sector.

Despite improvements in recent years, women are still significantly under-represented in senior roles at third-level institutes.

A report by the Higher Education Authority in 2018 found only 24% of high-level professor posts in universities were held by women, while females made up 51% of all lecturer roles – which are entry-level academic jobs in the university sector.

We have excellent leadership in our third-level sector but it isn’t representative of Irish society. We need that to change so that it better reflects

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Online Education Success Shares Ultimate Guide to Business Success

All successful businesses started with a feasible and fantastic idea. With the growing number of companies and the fierce competition today, one should be flexible and have proper planning and organizational skills to succeed.

Many people think that once they start a business, they will start making money to find out that it is even more challenging to make money in business. It is even more unlikely to prosper into a million-dollar business overnight. The truth of the matter is that it takes time, dedication, effort, and a lot of patience to grow a successful business.

While growing a successful business may seem like a daunting task, Online Education Success is here to provide the ultimate guide to business success.

Online Education Success is an online digital marketing and business coaching platform. The platform was created to help build and grow a successful business that generates consistent income. Online Education

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which childcare philosophy is best for your family?

Up to 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life. Early learning matters, and creates a solid foundation for future development.

Philosophical underpinnings in early education matter too. They influence the interactions between teachers and children, the environment design and beliefs about how children learn.

The demographic diversity of Australia means no single early learning philosophy will suit everyone. Parents can find it difficult choosing a service given the plethora on offer.

Below are three of the best known alternative educational philosophies used in early childhood education in Australia.

Steiner (Waldorf)

Steiner education (also known as Waldorf) is based on Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy. It originated in Germany in the early 20th century.

It is focused on self-directed learning, based on children’s interests. Steiner education encourages self-motivated learning that supports and encourages problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

When learning is self-directed, children’s motivation

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Q&A: New Valparaiso Superintendent Jim McCall talks school reopening and looking ahead in education during the pandemic | Valparaiso News

Q: What have you learned through the process of reopening schools?

A: That processing communication is really important. That means communicating with our state and local health officials, communicating with our public, understanding the “why” behind initiatives and being able to explain those “whys,” and that we may not be right, but if we work together, we can get it right. And, we will continue to work together and communicate and evolve our practices to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and teachers and staff.

Q: Walk me back to this summer as you were approaching the first day of school. What was it like for your team as you were preparing to bring students back to class?

A: Thankfully we had the foresight to have a team of admin, directors, teachers and even community working on the COVID problem and solution. A lot of the

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Some schools drop online learning program after parents complain it has racist, sexist content

Zan Timtim doesn’t think it’s safe for her eighth-grade daughter to return to school in person during the coronavirus pandemic but also doesn’t want her exposed to a remote learning program that misspelled and mispronounced the name of Queen Liliʻuokalani, the last monarch to rule the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Timtim’s daughter is Native Hawaiian and speaks Hawaiian fluently, “so to see that inaccuracy with the Hawaiian history side was really upsetting,” she said.

Even before the school year started, Timtim said she heard from other parents about racist, sexist and other concerning content on Acellus, an online program some students use to learn from home.

Parents have called out “towelban” as a multiple-choice answer for a question about a terrorist group and Grumpy from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” described as a “woman hater.” Some also say the program isn’t as rigorous as it should be.

The Hawaii Department of

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Bob Woodrick, West Michigan leader in diversity education, dies

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A man who dedicated much of his life in West Michigan to combating what he called “the disease of racism” has died.

Bob Woodrick died Friday, Oct. 2 at the age of 88, according to a news release from Grand Rapids Community College. He leaves behind a legacy of promoting community conversations and education surrounding the topic of racism, the release states.

GRCC’s Diversity Learning Center, founded in 2006, was renamed the Bob and Aleicia Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion in 2016 to celebrate the couple’s work both on and off campus.

As a professional, Woodrick began his career in the family business, D&W Food Centers in Grand Rapids, and worked there his entire life, leaving only for college and the military, the release states.

Woodrick, according to a 1993 Grand Rapids Press story, started working for his father at the age of 14 —

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Its Power of Resolving Crisis is What Makes Gandhism Relevant in Today’s Times

a man standing in front of a window: Its Power of Resolving Crisis is What Makes Gandhism Relevant in Today’s Times

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Its Power of Resolving Crisis is What Makes Gandhism Relevant in Today’s Times

The essence of ‘Gandhi-ism’ is peace and nonviolence, extending but not limiting itself to goodness, creative thinking, and efficient admin. Certain quarters may subscribe to the idea that ‘Gandhism’ is not practicable in today’s world. In reality, the virtues preached and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi espouse the very eternal whose relevance transcend the barriers of time and geography.

This omnipresence in both temporal and spatial dimensions can be substantiated by the fact that it can serve as an ideal for movements in lands where human right were and are routinely abused. He rules in the inner consciousness of all conscientious people though most of us are either oblivious of this existence or simply choose to ignore. Gandhi as a personality is immense but far more gigantic is the philosophy that bears his name.

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Esther Hammer, 86, wins state adult ed volunteer of the year award

Kimberly C. Moore
| The Ledger

AUBURNDALE – Esther Hammer, 86, and her husband, Dr. Wray Hammer, began volunteering at the East Area Adult Education Center, a public school for grown-ups, more than 20 years ago.

Wray would help students with their higher-level math classes, while Esther, a former school teacher, would work with students in reading and math as a substitute and volunteer. 

And so it went for two decades for the high school sweethearts, who began going steady when they were 16 at Fort Lauderdale High School. They married after she finished at Florida State University, and she taught school for a few years while he attended medical school at Emory University in Atlanta. He landed a job in 1964 as an internist at Gessler Clinic in Winter Haven. Three children came along – Larry, Ann and Stanley – and eventually four grandchildren and one great grandchild. 


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Brewery Greene King will educate its staff in ‘understanding slavery’

Brewery Greene King which was founded by plantation owner will ‘educate its staff in understanding slavery’ after firm said its historic link to slave trade is ‘inexcusable’

  • Greene King will be launching a programme to raise awareness about slavery 
  • Employees at the company will be given chance to take part in online workshops 
  • Company is teaming up with the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool 
  • The pub group was founded by the slave owner Benjamin Greene in 1799

Greene King has revealed it will launch a programme to raise awareness about slavery after admitting it was ‘inexcusable’ that its founder profited from the transatlantic slave trade.

The pub company, which has more than 3,000 pubs across the country, is teaming up with the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool to ‘educate people about the

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Education Leader: Kansas schools must find better solution

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas state education commissioner Randy Watson said schools will need to rethink the way they deliver education amid the coronavirus pandemic because what is happening now is “not sustainable.”

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Watson told members of the Kansas Association of School Boards on Friday that one of the best solutions is to return students for five-day-a-week learning, while keeping class sizes to fewer than 15 students while requiring masks and social distancing.

Watson said schools may need to partner with other organizations in the community, like churches or businesses that are closed anyway because of the pandemic to get enough room to space out students.

Watson also suggested that schools look internally for backup and use non-teaching school staff — like librarians, paraeducators, substitute teachers, central office staff and reading specialists — to fill the ranks.

“Everyone is going to have to be a

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