‘Everyone is tired’ | Teacher shares thoughts as more schools reopen

Lauren Jewett said she is happy to be back with students, her concern is how these added expectations may impact teachers.

NEW ORLEANS — Schools reopening can mean more responsibility for teachers as many are now not only teaching in person, but virtually as well.

Monday, many teachers and students in New Orleans returned to their classrooms for the first time since March, including grades 5-12.

Lauren Jewett is an elementary special education teacher at a school in New Orleans. She’s been back in the classroom since Sept. 21 when younger grades began going back in NOLA Public Schools.

“I’m mostly serving students in person, but I have some virtual so I’m doing both at the same time,” Jewett said. “Everyone has to have patience and know everything will take longer.”

Because it takes longer to get kids in and out of school everyday, Jewett feels teachers have less time

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