The Future of Education: ThePowerMBA Approach

Education has been undergoing a sea change since the first intrepid entrepreneurs and educators began exploring the possibilities of online learning. 

Covid-19, of course, has accelerated the online education trend exponentially. There isn’t a single student, parent or teacher in 2020 who isn’t aware that education is markedly different now than it was even seven months ago. 

But because of the extreme visibility of this particular change, most of us who are not entrenched in the education space may have missed some that are actually more consequential, and much more long-term. 

  • A shift toward more democratized, accessible higher education. 

  • Cultural and workplace changes in terms of what types of educational experiences are most valued. 

There are plenty other changes occurring, but these are the ones I’ll be focusing on here. 

The shift toward more democratized, accessible higher education 

The traditional MBA program–with the attendant student debt that most students must

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