University subject profile: philosophy | Philosophy

What you’ll learn
Philosophy tackles the questions and concepts others take for granted. What is private property? What does it actually mean to say that one event causes another? What is truth? Students reading philosophy can find themselves engaging with modern social and political concerns, while confronting personal value systems, social critique and moral life.

Expect to study different thinkers and traditions of thought, from Plato and Aristotle through to Marx, Kant, Nietzsche, Russell and Derrida.

Modules are likely to include critical reasoning, metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics and political philosophy, plus the philosophy of science, literature, mind, religion, language and maths.

Philosophy can be studied as a joint honours degree; students often pair with history, politics or even computer science.

How you’ll learn
Although you’ll be taught an overview of the work of a number of the world’s most prominent philosophers, be prepared to dig deeper and do extra reading. You’ll

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