Staunton community dialogue series aims to educate and build stronger community

STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) – Building Bridges for the Greater Good in Staunton hosted its first Watch & Talk Monday night. The topic was voter suppression.

The online community dialogue series is a way to bring people together during the COVID-19 pandemic according to Building Bridges for the Greater Good Board President, Pastor Elaine Rose.

People were asked to watch the documentary “All In: The Struggle for Democracy” in advance, and then Monday night they came together virtually to discuss it, breaking out into small groups.

Rose says this event, like all Building Bridges events, is about making the community stronger. She says it’s needed now more than ever.

“Building Bridges’ mission is to make sure that we connect to everybody to make our community better for all,” Rose said. “Not one group of people but all people and right now there is a need in every community for something.”

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Biden’s education plan would help yield a stronger economy versus Trump’s

Joe Biden’s plans for education would dent the U.S. budget — especially compared with President Donald Trump’s — but the spending would be a key factor in boosting the economy even more, according to a new analysis from Moody’s Analytics.


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“Biden and Trump are night and day on their commitment to supporting education,” Mark Zandi, Moody’s chief economist, told Yahoo Finance. “Biden is all in on it and Trump is AWOL.”

Zandi and Bernard Yaros, another Moody’s economist, quantified the economic impact of four scenarios where Trump became president, with and without a Republican-controlled Congress, as well as a Biden administration, with and without a Democrat-controlled Congress. 

A Democratic sweep, followed by government spending just for Biden’s education plans alone, would cause a budget deficit of $636.3 billion between 2021 and 2024, the analysts calculated. A Trump administration would save the government $52.2 billion between the same period.

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The Finance 202: Biden would create stronger economic growth and more jobs, economists find

And they are not alone in finding a Biden win translating into brisker growth: Economists at Goldman Sachs and Oxford Economics conclude that even a version of Biden’s program that would have to shrink to pass the Senate would mean a faster rally back to prepandemic conditions.

All three see the higher government spending a Biden administration would approve — for emergency relief programs, infrastructure, and an expanded social safety net — giving the economy a potent injection of stimulus.

The economic outlook is strongest if Democrats sweep Washington, the Moody’s team finds.

“In this scenario, the economy is expected to create 18.6 million jobs during Biden’s term as president, and the economy returns to full employment, with unemployment of just over 4%, by the second half of 2022,” they write.

Real after-tax income for the average American household would increase by $4,800 by the end of Biden’s first term

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NursingBest empowering nurses with higher educational and stronger career opportunities – Press Release

NursingBest is supporting nursing graduates to advance their higher education and career goals by matching them with best-rated MSN nursing schools in the USA.

Los Angeles, CA – September 18, 2020 – BSN nurses aspiring for higher education opportunities need not look further. Leading nursing education resource guide NursingBest is helping nursing students to scale up their career by matching them with MSN courses at some of best-rated nursing schools across the USA. The organization caters to nurses nationwide and empowers them to grow from $75K to $150K in annual salary average.

NursingBest communicates with 710k nurses on a monthly basis on MSN career and educational goals. Aspiring MSN students can sign up for free with NursingBest website to post their educational goals and based on that the organization will connect them with the most matching MSN course.


“Empowering nurses across 49 states with stronger income and educational opportunities is

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