‘We won’t see equality if we’re not teaching our children the full story’

Oscar- and Grammy-winning rapper, actor, writer and activist Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn, better known as Common, is one of the most socially conscious music artists working today, and he’s also the son of a former high school principal. So, he was the perfect fit to teach an online class for Varsity Tutors’ Social Conscience Series, a free online curriculum aimed at eradicating systemic racism and sexism and driving social change. Common’s class, originally streamed live on Sept. 23 and now archived to watch on demand, was designed to “teach what schools do not” and help young people find their true voices.

Yahoo Entertainment caught up with Common to discuss his involvement in the Social Conscience Series; racial bias in American schools; his fears and hopes for the next generation; the pitfalls of social media; his recent salute to the late John Lewis on the final night of the

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Trump’s push for ‘patriotic education’ ignores the complexity of our national story

Florida Today

History is not about exceptionalism. It is about confronting the past to help inform the present. Individuals who only wish to espouse an exceptionalism narrative are ignoring a fundamental truth that must be shared: There are always victims as well as victors, and decisions have consequences.

History also is not simple or straightforward. To argue otherwise is not to fully understand it. The recent call by the Trump administration to counter what he called “the crusade against American history” by pushing “patriotic education” is an example of the oversimplification of our understanding of the past. As the late historian J.M. Roberts famously argued, “History is the story of mankind, of what it has done, suffered, and enjoyed.”

I have spent my career teaching introductory courses to university students in the history of the United States, Europe, Africa, and the world. Students often come to the classroom with a

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