How can this couple save for their son’s higher education and their own retirement?

Sanjay and Maya.

Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail

Since coming to Canada from India in 2016, Sanjay and Maya have found well-paying jobs, bought a large condo in Toronto and had a child. He is age 35, she is 32.

Both are professionals, bringing in a combined $300,000-plus a year in salary. Sanjay earns another $15,000 a year in income from his business, which he hopes to expand.

“We have assets across Canada and in India, spanning equities, bonds and real estate,” Sanjay writes in an e-mail. While they are both well educated, “financially, we believe there’s so much more we can and should do,” he writes. “The last few years were so unpredictable in the stock market that most of the time we spent on the sidelines.”

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Their questions: “What should be our portfolio structure to achieve our goals?” Sanjay asks. Their long-term goals include

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A Mother Of Two Sons With Autism Launches Special Ed Teaching Career Amid Pandemic

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Leticia Avelar prepares to teach her virtual class from her home in El Cajon....

Photo by Joe Hong

Above: Leticia Avelar prepares to teach her virtual class from her home in El Cajon. Sept. 18, 2020

When Leticia Avelar’s older son Jonah was diagnosed with autism, his first special education teacher helped her navigate the complexities of the special education system. With the teacher’s help, Avelar was able to get the services Jonah needed.

The experience not only filled her with gratitude, but also opened her eyes to a new career.

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“Once he was diagnosed, you kinda just get an initial diagnosis and they’re like, ‘OK, bye!’ For me, I knew there had to be more than that,” she said. “His first special education teacher guided me through the whole process. And I wanted to be that for somebody because I knew how important it

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Caldara files state complaint over son’s BVSD special education services

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, filed a complaint with the state this week alleging the Boulder Valley School District is violating federal special education law by not allowing his son to attend school in person.

The Boulder resident’s 16-year-old son, Chance, has Down syndrome and attends Boulder High. Boulder Valley students have been attending school remotely since March, when school buildings were closed in response to increasing coronavirus cases.

Caldara said his son, who can’t read or write and who has speech issues, can’t access content online and isn’t receiving the in-person speech, occupational and physical therapies he needs.

“This is a violation of his opportunity for an equal education,” Caldara said. “At most, this online experiment is a bit of a distraction for him. It might keep him entertained for a little bit. The teachers love him. They do their best. But they don’t have the opportunity

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Father of special needs teenager suing Boulder Valley schools over son’s education

BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — There are few things in life Jon Caldara cares about more than his son Chance. With an unprecedented school year, he’s worried about the quality of his son’s education, due to his special needs.

“He can’t read, can’t write. He’s verbally very limited,” Caldara said. “It might work for many kids. It will not, does not, can not work for kids like Chance.”

Chance is 16 and has Down syndrome. Caldara says the end of the last school year was brutal for his son, and is seeing little, if any, progress a month into this school year.

“He learns by doing, by touching, by being directed, by being moved here, by being moved there. By interacting with his peers,” Caldara said.

Caldara plans on suing the school district. His attorney, Igor Raykin, has filed a due process complaint and request for mediation with the Colorado Department

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