4 Troubleshooting Tips for Smooth Remote Learning

What will you do if students are having issues submitting assignments on their LMS? What if your school’s or district’s videoconferencing software experiences an outage? And if the internet suddenly goes down, what happens then?

Having a set of backup tools can help administrators and educators prepare for these scenarios. For example, some schools have already identified an alternative videoconferencing platform to switch to if they encounter any issues with their main system. Others have prepared educators to set up asynchronous and offline learning opportunities, such as paper packets or prerecorded lessons saved to a student’s device, to avoid any lapses in learning time if the Wi-Fi isn’t working.

If feasible, it’s also worth purchasing extra equipment. Students and teachers can’t just rely on one camera or one mic for the entire school year, for example. If something breaks, they should have a substitute ready to use.

2. Provide Clear

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