Securing Higher Ed’s Growing Number of Remote Devices

To Improve Security, Watch Everything

The risks posed to higher education by malware and other cyberthreats are certainly nothing new. The difference now is in the sheer volume of attacks taking advantage of the growing number of threat vectors cybercriminals have at their disposal.

The current glaring weak point for colleges and universities is the vast array of endpoints now connected to their systems following the pivot to remote learning.

The more time students, faculty and staff members spend online, and the more devices they use to communicate and work, the greater the access would-be hackers have to their campus networks. “I worry about the risks every day,” says Bill Fisher, associate director of technical services in the IT department at Grand Valley State University. Since COVID-19 arrived, Fisher notes, GVSU has managed to keep its network safe. “But we’ve had to deal with ransomware a couple of times in

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