Cultivating Mahatma Gandhi’s ethics of Love

The principles propounded by Mahatma Gandhi during the anti-imperial struggle are relevant to the people of the country ever since. Whenever the country finds itself encountered with problems of similar nature, his teachings are equally relevant today. Among many issues, looking at the cacophony of hatred and intolerance spread across everywhere, we find ourselves impounded with the question – where have we lost the harmony of love. This cacophony of hatred and intolerance and the lost harmony of love do not apply only to India, but all over the world. Among the many legacies of Mahatma Gandhi that we have largely failed to actively inherit as a nation – cultivating an ethic of love is one major area. Let us try to locate the ethic of love in Gandhi’s teachings and attempt to cultivate the ethics of love.

In the introduction to “Hind Swaraj”, ‘A Word of Explanation’, Mahatma Gandhi

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