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Date 06/03/2003 | Topic: News Updates


Over the past few months, Ghosts-UK has made some amazing progress, and I'm sure every one else agrees as we can tell with some of the comments and compliments our admin team have received.

The future of Ghosts-UK is bright, and we hope every one sticks around to watch and help us grow from strength to strength. There are some important changes being made which could affect all the free members on here, and you can read more in the following article
The Future

Over the past month, our core team members have seen this site slowly turning into an advertising board, which is far from our intentions and we apologise to those who have already complained and to those who it may have also annoyed. Now after much diliberation and discussion about this, we have now decided to no longer support 'Heidi & Michael's Investigations', for those of you who are already booked up, you will need to make contact with them.

Ghosts-UK is unable to host the amount of events originally planned by Heidi & Michael and as one of our other concerns is that the quality of our investigations may suffer with having to squeeze everything in, which means we will be unable to accept new people on investigations all year round, but we will be looking into hosting one or two larger investigations in the near future so we can still get people involved. Until then Ghosts-UK will run around 24 investigations each year with 12 of those being repeats, the first investigation will be a preliminary investigation with a follow up and maybe more depending on the time needed, to gather evidence and write a full report.

Due to recent events and unofficial investigations Ghosts-UK has also made the decision to no longer support sub teams of Ghosts-UK or joint investigations with other clubs at this moment in time, unless explicitly authorised by David Vee our founder and owner of Ghosts-UK.

At this point Ghosts-UK would also like to make it clear that we do not support unofficial Ghosts-UK Merchandise & Uniform.

Changes To The Site

New features are always being looked into and added, we value every ones thoughts and opinions and aim to offer the best paranormal site on the web.

Things are about to change for the better, we have a couple of new sites due to be launched within the next couple of months not to mention a new partnership which is being discussed with another club as you read this, if all goes well, we will be looking at having another paranormal site similar to this one, developed by Tim, but run by another successful Ghost Club, which means even though we will be cutting down on the investigations for this year, you will still be able to follow the reports of two clubs working as one powerful team on the same or separate investigations, (Two heads are better than one and two teams are better than one also). Hopefully if this partnership proves successful we will be able to look into other solid partnerships rather than having sub teams and still keeping high standards of quality.

All features and benefits our free members receive will not change, but we will be adding a subscription base, with quarterly news letters, including video and sound footage to your door steps, not to mention advanced web site features including 24/7 web chat, access to a special photo section (With the possibilities of your own photo album), Media Album and more to come.

As mentioned none of this will affect our free members, just add something extra for those who wish to support the continuing research of Ghosts-UK and cost of new equipment.

The new site is getting closer, the time is nearly upon us, we already have a preview site up and running with some minor faults, but progress is good, we're sure every one will be happy with all the extras and new design.

Much more is also on the way, which we're sure every one will love and appreciate.

So until next time my friends, keep well and look after your selves.

Good News

We hear Heidi and Michael are setting up their own Ghost Investigation Club,'UKGhost Investigations' we would like to take this opportunity of wishing them both future success in their new venture.

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