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Spotlight - News

Paranormal Times - Paranormal Comics
Posted By: Tim
Paranormal Times - Paranormal Comics

We are pleased to announce the launch of Paranormal Times, a paranormal comic series!

Other news:
  • Welsh Town Of Llanelli Is " Swimming With Paranormal Activity" (14/7/2011)
  • Claims head of Spirit Rescue International (SRI), Irene Allen.
  • Alton Towers Hosts A Hunt (12/7/2011)
  • A ghost hunt was recently held on the 8th July at Alton Towers, Staffordshire.
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    Science : The end of the Orb debate? Balls of mysterious energy, or just balls?
    Posted by BryanUK on 15/02/2011

    The article below is in the current issue of the Fortean Times (March 2011) and should put to rest the entire Orb debate once and for all.

    Steve Parsons work is to be comended and supported.

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    Science : 'Spider-man' suit secret revealed
    Posted by Tim on 29/08/2007

    A "Spider-man" suit that enables its wearer to scale vertical walls like the comic and movie superhero could one day be a reality, according to a study.

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    Science : Scientists Create World’s First ‘Mini Big Bang’
    Posted by Ellie on 26/11/2010

    A miniature Big Bang was created Sunday at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), as the world’s most powerful atom-smasher successfully entered a new phase of exploration.

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    Science : Science admits psychic sense is possible
    Posted by faeden on 13/01/2004

    The ideas behind Star Wars, The X-Files and an assortment of other psychic films and shows may not be so far-fetched after all.

    According to a new study on visual perception, the "force" is possibly inherent in all of us, although we can't see it.

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