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Spotlight - News

Paranormal Times - Paranormal Comics
Posted By: Tim
Paranormal Times - Paranormal Comics

We are pleased to announce the launch of Paranormal Times, a paranormal comic series!

Other news:
  • Welsh Town Of Llanelli Is " Swimming With Paranormal Activity" (14/7/2011)
  • Claims head of Spirit Rescue International (SRI), Irene Allen.
  • Alton Towers Hosts A Hunt (12/7/2011)
  • A ghost hunt was recently held on the 8th July at Alton Towers, Staffordshire.

    News Updates : New to Ghosts-UK.
    Posted by Tim on 24/11/2002

    Over the past week, since Ghosts-UK came back on-line you may have noticed some major, important changes to the web site.

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    Locations : Ghosts of the Rim country
    Posted by cropduster on 30/10/2002

    Halloween is the season for ghost stories, but the Rim country comes up short in that department.

    "Please help," said the urgent appeal I received a few years ago, "We need any information regarding haunted roads, ghost houses, time warps, phantoms ..." It seems they were writing a book, but I was hard pressed to give them any help from our neck of the woods.

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    Ghosts : Ghosts haunt Spar shop
    Posted by cropduster on 02/10/2002

    Spooky happenings have been reported in the aisles

    Supermarket staff claim spirits have invaded their store since a medieval cemetery was disturbed.

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    News Updates : Back On-line!
    Posted by Tim on 08/11/2002

    Some of you maybe aware our host did a bunker on us, they closed down all servers and renamed thier company from Sqare Internet to Star Hosts.

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    Locations : Happy haunting
    Posted by faeden on 28/10/2002

    An incomplete church now used for storage is haunted by 'strange fungoid beings'

    "Remember," Bill Smee said in a barely audible whisper. "Injury to the body is not always the worst that can happen."
    Smee, who has worked on campus for many years, is making his way through an old, abandoned church. Rumor has it the old church, located at 1745 E. 17th Ave., is haunted.

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