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Posted by faeden on 29/12/2003 News by the same author

London: The so-called 'Hampton Court' ghost which was allegedly captured on video has turned out to be a hoax.

In pictures splashed worldwide earlier in December, a supposed figure stands in a doorway at Hampton Court Palace in southwest London in the image which was caught on closed circuit television.

Now the website after examination of the 'ghost' video has concluded that the figure was infact very much of the earth.

After video enhancement, the investigators conclude: "When enhanced and stabilized the video looks far less like a ghost and more like an attendant of some kind (wearing a period costume). The press and media took the most ghost like image of the low resolution sequence and circulated the low resolution and shaky images from video without any processing to balance contrast and used this to claim it was a ghost, but when you look at the sequence once enhanced and stabilized it looks less convincing.

The investigator goes on to say, "Would a 17th century spirit know how to operate a Fire exit door? I'm sure most modern people have difficulty closing them but the 'ghost' seemed quite able to get it to work, closing one side then the other. The motion of the legs, arms and hands appear totally solid and are consistent with that of known human articulation".

Monday, 29 December , 2003, 21:14

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