Newspaper : Avebury's Ghosts May Be Nothing But Vibrations
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• Story taken from the Evening Advertiser, Tuesday 16 September 2003.

A new study into ghostly activity appears to pour cold water on the legend that one of the country's most haunted spots is actually occupied by a ghost.

For centuries the Red Lion at Avebury has been considered a place alive with ghostly activity, but now it could all just be nothing more than a few good vibrations.

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Dr Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, has conducted a study into supposedly haunted houses and has concluded that places often thought to be haunted are merely locations prone to a low frequency rumble known as infrasound.

The sounds, which can be created by the wind, electrical machinery or passing traffic, are so low they cannot be detected by the human ear. But the body can feel these vibrations and it is this, Dr Wiseman reckons, that accounts for ghoulish goings on and the uncomfortable
feelings often felt by people who think they are in a haunted environ.

The 300-year-old Red Lion is situated in the middle of the
4,000-year-old stone circle in picturesque Avebury, which is just ten miles from Swindon.

Former Blue Peter presenter Yvette Fielding was at the pub recording a documentary on ghosts last year when she ran out in sheer horror after lasting just five minutes in a private room. She claimed she felt something touch her neck that left red marks on her back. Other visitors have repeated her experience.

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Posted: 21/10/2003 14:48  Updated: 21/10/2003 14:53
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 Re: Avebury's Ghosts May Be Nothing But Vibrations
What i find very very strange is that i have uploaded a picture of what i believe is a ghost caught near a tree in Avebury (only a few minutes ago) The tree wasnt far from the Red lion. after up-loading it i realise there is an article about ghosts in Avebury!!! i am gob-smacked..
Posted: 29/9/2003 23:01  Updated: 29/9/2003 23:03
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 Re: Avebury's Ghosts May Be Nothing But Vibrations
If you ask me, I'd expect the pub to be hauted. The pub is positioned in the middle of the Avebury stones. Also the vast majority of crop circles in the country are found close to Avebury.
Well there is definately something about this site ehich makes it a prime location for hauntings and other paranormal activities....
Posted: 29/9/2003 17:08  Updated: 29/9/2003 22:36
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 Re: Avebury's Ghosts May Be Nothing But Vibrations
I'd love to hear Dr. Wiseman's explanation on how vibrations left red marks on this lady's neck!