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a better look

a better lookPopular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryOrbs    Last Update19/5/2007 5:35    
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here is a cropped, and enlarged image of the "Spirits in the basement"

Spirits in the basement........

Spirits in the basement........Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryOrbs    Last Update19/5/2007 5:25    
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This photo was taken in 2005,.....A close friend (who studies the paranormal, and is constantly proving her abilities)called me and told me to run down in the basement and take a few pictures around the steps,....this is the photo from that day,....

"This diamond for you"

"This diamond for you"Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryGhost Photographs    Last Update19/5/2007 4:27    
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My friend Steve  photograghed the fire in his wood stove in hopes he could reproduce the actual flame in a paint job for his car, to his surprise the flames were occupied with a diamond bearing soul.....

 Orbs dancing in the dark

Orbs dancing in the darkPopular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryOrbs    Last Update4/6/2005 4:37    
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 I caught this in my back yard while taking random photos in the dark,.....I love this pic, I believe that you can detect movement in question is...Do you think they may be coming together, or separating?.......Daisy

 daylight vortex?

daylight vortex?Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryVortex    Last Update25/1/2005 5:36    
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This photo was taken with a 35mm camera, I believe it is 1986-ish..... your feelings and comments are welcome.....Daisy

"A little experiment"2

"A little experiment"2Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryFake Ghost Photography    Last Update26/9/2004 4:36    
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another capture from "A little Experiment"  

"A little experiment"

"A little experiment"Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryOrbs    Last Update26/9/2004 4:33    
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here is one of the photos taken after Faeden had requested a "Little experiment"...he asked that I would ask the visitors to "Kindly show themselves".....Daisy

Vibrant Night Visitor

Vibrant Night VisitorPopular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryOrbs    Last Update22/9/2004 5:54    
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This Orb pic was taken this evening Sept.21,2004  It was taken with a Kodak cx6230digital camera .......Daisy

Gray mist in the trees

Gray mist in the treesPopular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryGhostly Mist/fogging    Last Update5/6/2004 5:01    
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I find this to be ..."Interesting".......Daisy

"This is just...CREEPY!

"This is just...CREEPY!Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   CategoryGhost Photographs    Last Update22/3/2004 2:45    
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This pic was taken in January 2004, Doesn't it look like the "Green guy" is peeping through the slats of the curtain, their are also a few Orb energies floating in the room........Daisy

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 38 photos hit)