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16 Montpelier Road

16 Montpelier RoadPopular
SubmittervilleinMore Photos from villein   Last Update13/11/2003 21:51    
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16 Montpelier Road, Ealing, in 1944. Could it be a ghost at the upper left-hand window of this building (empty when the photograph was taken)? Perhaps the image is that of a 12-year-old girl who committed suicide in the 19th centuary. The building was replaced by a new block of flats in 1970.

'Our Haunted Kingdom'
©1973 Andrew Green
©1973 Wolfe Publishing Limited

Andrew Green

HAUNTED HOUSES: Windhouse, Yell, Shetland Islands

HAUNTED HOUSES: Windhouse, Yell, Shetland IslandsPopular
SubmitterDoctorMore Photos from Doctor   Last Update7/12/2002 5:11    
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Windhouse was built in 1707 on the site of an old graveyard and over the years there have been a number of ghostly sightings. The one spectre mentioned in particular is a servant girl who walks up the shattered stairs and disappears, although how she died is currently a mystery.

The last family to live in Windhouse left in the 1920s and it has not been inhabited since. It is confirmed that a number of previous tenants of the house have found human remains under floorboards and in the walls.

When I stepped through the gaping maw of this ancient building, I did not see any ghosts… but definitely sensed something of the macabre.

Submitted by: Doctor

A Girl

A GirlPopular
SubmitterTangnefeddMore Photos from Tangnefedd   Last Update7/12/2002 5:01    
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This face appeared on the stone fireplace of our haunted Welsh farmhouse in 2002

Submitted by: Tangnefedd

HAUNTED HOUSES: Windhouse, Yell, Shetland Islands - The Nest

HAUNTED HOUSES: Windhouse, Yell, Shetland Islands - The NestPopular
SubmitterDoctorMore Photos from Doctor   Last Update7/12/2002 5:10    
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Inside the hauted ruin, known as Windhouse, we were shocked to see above us in the rafters a large nest (6' in diameter) that contained skeletal remains, no doubt taken from the collection of bones that lay beneath our feet.

I certainly did not wish to meet the architect of the structure above our heads, as they must have been a strong predator to carry a hip bone so high...  

Submitted by: Doctor

Candle Magic !

Candle Magic !Popular
Submittergh1More Photos from gh1   Last Update8/4/2004 15:17    
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Doe's candle magic really work?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

[Edited] Because of popularity we have decided to leave this photo up

Research has been run into this photo 'Light Anomalies', there is a report within our Associate Member Section which show our findings.

St Michaels Abbey Farnborough Figure

St Michaels Abbey Farnborough FigurePopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update27/5/2006 0:09    
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I took this on a recent trip to Farnborough in Hampshire, and caught this odd figure. There is a story to go with this that can be found Here

Take care

Face in the wall

Face in the wallPopular
SubmitterTimMore Photos from Tim   Last Update25/11/2002 23:15    
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Can you see the face?

Because of confidentiality, location cannot be named.

Taken by: Stuart Brown, username: stubod
Submitted by: Timothy Bowers


SubmitterLeeMore Photos from Lee   Last Update1/4/2003 16:56    
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This was taken a couple of years ago at a christmas meal in a restaurant in what I think is an old Georgian building, I think I can see a face in/behind/reflected in the window in the centre . Anyone else got any suggestions as to what this could be?

The Webcam Imp

The Webcam ImpPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update4/4/2004 14:54    
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from Anthony

A friend of mine took these pictures of herself on her computer camera. She had it on that setting that takes about 5 photos in 1 second. Here are two of those photos. Look at them carefully and see what you think. I can make out a weird looking imp-like figure holding something, standing behind a small table with something on it. Initially I thought it was just a blur, but when you zoom into the ghost like figure, you can see a face, red lips, eyes and greenish hair.

Thomas Becket's ghost!

Thomas Becket's ghost!Popular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update29/3/2006 20:22    
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David writes, "This very old photo is believed to be the ghost of Thomas Becket. Taken inside Canterbury Cathedral where he was killed. The pillar mysteriously displays what is believed to be the image of Thomas. Thomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1161 to 1170. He was murdered on King Henry II's orders. The original site of The Tomb of St. Thomas Becket is in The Eastern Crypt of the Cathedral."

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 149 photos hit)