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Face of Jesus in the Sunset?

Face of Jesus in the Sunset?Popular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update5/7/2005 1:59    
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My grandmother gave me this photo once.  It was taken by someone she knows.  Apparently the lady was wanting to take a photo of the sunset, and after it was developed she noticed the face.  We lost the picture, but strangely enough my wife's aunt also had copies of it and gave us another one.  You can clearly see a face in the sky.  They claim it could be Christ's face.  Pretty neat pic.  It was taken probably around 15 years ago or so."

it is freaky!

it is freaky!Popular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update5/7/2005 1:32    
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Sarah writes, "I visit your site all the time and thought I would submit these. I think they would come under the category of "freaky". I have to wonder if little fingers may have managed to open the back of the camera resulting in this "monster" effect. I don't know what is more disturbing about the one in front of the television - the monster coming out of it, or the fact my son is wearing my shoes!! Like I say, I don't know if this is a real haunting or not but it freaked us out!"

Watcher of the Woods!

Watcher of the Woods!Popular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update5/7/2005 1:54    
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Charles writes, "This one will send shivers down your spine. About 2 years ago my friend took this picture of me driving with his new digital camera. I thought it was a pretty neat picture so I had him mail it to me. For 2 years now I've used it as one of my profile shots for different chat rooms and whatnot online. Everything was cool until someone replied to one of my threads with the question "What's with that creepy guy next to your mirror in your pic?" I took a closer look and to my horror I saw the image of a headless man standing in the background! This sent chills down my spine and made me scan the entire picture a lot closer. Then a little bit later I noticed that right up against the window there seems to be another image of this screaming face staring directly at me as I'm driving! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I seriously have been having trouble sleeping now cause this thing has been almost literally staring me in the face for 2 years and I haven't noticed till now. Sincerely creeped out, Charles."

P.S. I can honestly swear to god that I did not doctor this photo in anyway. I couldn't have created this image if I tried or if anyone else I know had tried.

Red Lion

Red LionPopular
SubmittertitarniaMore Photos from titarnia   Last Update4/4/2005 14:37    
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face photo

face photoPopular
SubmitterLISA35More Photos from LISA35   Last Update22/5/2005 18:58    
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Belgrave hall, leicester

Belgrave hall, leicesterPopular
SubmittertitarniaMore Photos from titarnia   Last Update3/4/2005 20:30    
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Red Lion

Red LionPopular
SubmittertitarniaMore Photos from titarnia   Last Update4/4/2005 15:26    
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Richard tim and webby, caught in the possessed mirror

Moving something

Moving somethingPopular
SubmittermmucharskaMore Photos from mmucharska   Last Update10/1/2006 22:17    
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Creature by the waters edge!

Creature by the waters edge!Popular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update5/7/2005 19:27    
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Arjun writes, "A couple of years ago I was visiting a cousin in Hawaii. He had shown me a few routes where he likes to go by himself and just chill. It was around midday and most of my family went swimming. Being the horrible swimmer that I am, I decided not to join them. I remember this was my favorite spot that my cousin had shown me, so I decided to go here. I don't remember what he called this place (its been about 3 years). But I had been looking for a really kool angle and foliage to take a picture of. That was when I saw this weird little thing. It freaked me out. At first I thought it was like a bird or something jumping out from a tree. But it walked away from the tree and toward the river. I'm really glad I was on the opposite side. I might have passed out or something. Well, any theories or whatever might help a bit."

Red Lion  at dawn

Red Lion at dawnPopular
SubmittertitarniaMore Photos from titarnia   Last Update4/4/2005 23:08    
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Photo No. 1-10 (out of 149 photos hit)