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face in the mirror

face in the mirrorPopular
SubmitterTonyMore Photos from Tony   Last Update16/4/2004 17:43    
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look closely at the mirror to see a feint face figure.

The Cottingley Faeries

The Cottingley FaeriesPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update8/4/2004 17:33    
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The Legend:
In July 1917, 16-year-old Elsie Wright and her 10-year-old cousin Frances Griffiths were tired of being chided by Elsie's father over their claims of seeing fairies... so they took a photograph of some to prove their existence.
The girls lived together in Cottingley, on the outskirts of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. They often played together in the small wooded creek behind Elsie's home, and this is where they saw the fairies. On a day in July, Elsie, tired of her father's dismissive attitude to her and Frances' claims, borrowed her father's camera to take a picture. When the film was developed later in her father's dark room, Elsie's parents were in for a surprise; the picture that she had taken was of Frances... with a troop of fairies dancing in front of her.
Click on image to view
a larger copy.
Elsie's parents were flabbergasted; but her father wasn't convinced. So, a month later, Frances took a picture of Elsie which clearly showed her playing with a gnome. Mr. Wright still wasn't convinced, and there the matter settled. The girls showed the pictures to their friends, but no particular interest was ever raised by them... at least, not until two years had past.
Elsie's mother had developed an interest in things supernatural, and took the pictures to share with a Theosophist meeting in Bradford one evening. In no time at all, the pictures were the center of attention and argument. Of the people who believed the fairies were real, the most prominant and vocal was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur printed the first two pictures in Strand Magazine in 1920 to help support his argument for the existance of fairies; this article made the story a worldwide sensation.
In 1920, Sir Arthur arranged for Elsie and Frances to once again be given a camera and left on their own in the small creek. The results were three more photos of the fairies; the last to be made, for shortly after Elsie and Frances moved away from one another and stopped seeing fairies. Sir Arthur later printed these three pictures in a sequel to his earlier article, and, in 1922, he expanded the two articles

found here The cottingley faeries

Candle Magic !

Candle Magic !Popular
Submittergh1More Photos from gh1   Last Update8/4/2004 15:17    
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Doe's candle magic really work?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

[Edited] Because of popularity we have decided to leave this photo up

Research has been run into this photo 'Light Anomalies', there is a report within our Associate Member Section which show our findings.

The Webcam Imp

The Webcam ImpPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update4/4/2004 14:54    
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from Anthony

A friend of mine took these pictures of herself on her computer camera. She had it on that setting that takes about 5 photos in 1 second. Here are two of those photos. Look at them carefully and see what you think. I can make out a weird looking imp-like figure holding something, standing behind a small table with something on it. Initially I thought it was just a blur, but when you zoom into the ghost like figure, you can see a face, red lips, eyes and greenish hair.

Dancing Fairy

Dancing FairyPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update15/2/2004 18:54    
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This photo was taken of my friend Chris and his girlfriend. The creature in the lower left corner of the room could not be seen when the photograph was taken, but Chris told me afterward that he had the image of fairies running through his mind the entire day. Notice the green "light" between the girl's knees. Chris has been blessed with extremely profound psychic abilities.
from Michael R.

expert opinion close up

expert opinion close upPopular
SubmitterdeadblokeMore Photos from deadbloke   Last Update10/2/2004 21:39    
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close up of other paranormal pic 24.
This picture has been cleaned up and enlarged to show the part of the window where the image is.I think it is just someone walking past (if you use photo shop you can enhance it more but it did not look as clear when I viewed it in image ready so posted this one)

Presidential Debate

Presidential DebatePopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update10/2/2004 21:17    
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See the demonic face in the curtain between the men?

and angel in the sky

and angel in the skyPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update10/2/2004 21:11    
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this is supposed to be of an angel taken in the 1920s

Windhouse,Yell,Shetland Island

Windhouse,Yell,Shetland IslandPopular
SubmitterdeadblokeMore Photos from deadbloke   Last Update9/2/2004 20:22    
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This is a close up of what I found on the photo. I have not added or changed anything  

"Tinted Energy or half out of focus?"

"Tinted Energy or half out of focus?"Popular
SubmitterdaisieMore Photos from daisie   Last Update10/1/2004 12:24    
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These pix are so curious to me,,,I understand that sometimes your camera will get jarred or becomes out of focus...but how can only part of your pic be out of focus and the rest be crystal clear?? I noticed these in my "Hunting for Orbs" shots, I have two cameras, a Vivitar 2.1,,,and a Kodak 2.0,,, both show the same "Energy" and in both the surrounding areas are distorted....the rest of the photo is clear.

Photo No. 91-100 (out of 149 photos hit)