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Grave opening

Grave openingPopular
SubmitterasianminxMore Photos from asianminx   Last Update4/9/2004 12:06    
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Gilson Road Cemetery is eerie enough. However, this early 19th-century headstone has a hole in it. The marker is very old slate and the hole is like something drilled, not a bullethole.

Does anyone know what this might be?

The headstone says:

Walter Gilson
son of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Lucy Gilson
died August 28th, 1811
age 5 yrs 8 mos 25 days
The stone is old and dry. There are no cracks radiating from the opening to suggest that anything impacted it. The back of the stone is not fragmented in chunks as it would be from a bullet. No other headstones or signs in the area have been shot.

Here is a b&w photo showing the opening in the stone:

And here is a close-up of the opening:

That's lichen on the inside edge of the opening, not highlights. The surface is quite smooth, especially considering that the stone is rugged and ancient slate.

People who've examined this headstone on site, believe that the hole was probably drilled. But why...? *shudder*

This cemetery more than earns its creepy reputation.


SubmitterasianminxMore Photos from asianminx   Last Update4/9/2004 11:43    
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Transparent Man

Transparent ManPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update6/8/2004 20:39    
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My husband and I were at a bar celebrating his birthday in 2002. My friend took this picture with his digital camera. I was a little freaked out when I saw it because you can see through my husband to the signs on the wall behind him! You can sort of see through me but not as much.
from cyan b

Devil's Den Soldier

Devil's Den SoldierPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update29/7/2004 17:18    
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A friend of mine took this picture a few days ago at Devil's Den in Gettysburg, PA. There is the faint image of what looks like a soldier in the lower left hand corner of the picture. She claims that she saw nothing there when she took the picture. It was taken using a regular 35mm camera.

The Texas Demon

The Texas DemonPopular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update29/7/2004 17:16    
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This picture was brought to me by a friend. Her husband's friend is a cop and was coming home from McCook, Texas on a Sunday night (June 27, 2004). She told me that he saw something that had just crossed the road and he shot the spotlight at it and took a picture of it. It looks like something like jeepers creepers. It freaks me out to know there is something like that here.

A face in red triangle

A face in red trianglePopular
SubmitterdimoreienMore Photos from dimoreien   Last Update28/7/2004 13:49    
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This photograph was taken at the ruins of Balquidder Church in the highlands of Scotland. We took the first picture, not seeing anything in the screen, and then took about 20 pictures of other subjects before realizing what was in this one...a red triangle with what appears to be a man's face in it. We went back to the same spot and snapped another picture and the same thing showed up, yet it wasn't on the other pictures of different subjects. Somehow I don't think it's a light reflection...

Clan chiefs were said to be buried in the walls.

Little boy in the Vaults

Little boy in the VaultsPopular
SubmitterdimoreienMore Photos from dimoreien   Last Update28/7/2004 13:46    
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This picture has been the topic of some very interesting debates. Both my boyfriend, myself, and my friend Robin can see a little boy hugging the door frame on the right hand side. It's just a dark outline of a figure, and it really does depend on the screen resolution, but it is there. Other people upon seeing the photo, see not only the little boy (whose name is Jack) but also a man...a malovelent ghost known as Mr Boots who is pushing Jack up against the door. I personally do not see Mr Boots in the photograph. Other people don't see anything at all.

Red bar in Edinburgh Vaults

Red bar in Edinburgh VaultsPopular
SubmitterdimoreienMore Photos from dimoreien   Last Update28/7/2004 13:43    
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This picture was taken down in the Vaults underneath the South Bridge of Edinburgh. My first reaction to seeing this was that it was a heat bar or something similar, but there were no such things down there. I showed this picture to the tour guide who said it was the strangest thing he ever saw coming out of a digital camera down in the Vaults. Not sure what this means. There were no light sources along the floor.


SubmitterasianminxMore Photos from asianminx   Last Update25/7/2004 13:43    
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Hello, I occasionally check your web cam out of curiosity, but have never seen anything apart from the patch of sunlight on the hall carpet through the door, today though when I peeked in, I saw these two unusual light anomalies which I have never seen before, I grabbed the first frame, and then watched, it was there the second frame and gone by the third. Watched for a half hour, but they didn't return. If its not sunlight, which I don't think it is simply because there doesn't appear to be any bright reflective surfaces where the lights are, then I suggest the smaller one is possibly a large Orb, and the one moving toward the bottom of the door is a Rod. Make your own minds up,


SubmitterasianminxMore Photos from asianminx   Last Update25/7/2004 13:42    
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Photo No. 71-80 (out of 149 photos hit)