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Face or refletion?

Face or refletion?Popular
SubmitterJennyMore Photos from Jenny   Last Update22/2/2005 16:17    
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This was taken last September at my son's 1st birthday party. If you look, in the middle of the window there is what looks like a face tilting to the right (your left), or is it just a cloud reflection?

Shadowy/dark figure 2 of 2

Shadowy/dark figure 2 of 2Popular
SubmitterAbiMore Photos from Abi   Last Update30/11/2004 20:53    
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This picture was taken straight after the first. It now looks as thought it has changed positions.
What does everyone think?

shadowy/darl figure 2 of 2

shadowy/darl figure 2 of 2Popular
SubmitterAbiMore Photos from Abi   Last Update12/11/2004 18:38    
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This is the second picture I took straight after the first (shadowy/dark figure 1 of 2) and the figure now looks as though it is leaning.
What does everyone else think?

Unknown Blue Thing

Unknown Blue ThingPopular
SubmitterJeffVanDamMore Photos from JeffVanDam   Last Update10/11/2004 0:11    
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Bottom Left Of Pic.

Face in car door ?

Face in car door ?Popular
SubmitterfaedenMore Photos from faeden   Last Update28/10/2004 23:50    
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Hi this is a photo of me when I was about 7 with my rabbit (dont laugh at my funky clothes it was the early 80s)  Now I dont claim this to be paranormal and its just probably my imagination going vivid. I’m very aware that you can make faces out of patterns. if you look on the car door just behind my head you can see a face in the door. well I can, can you ?

Might also be good to note that this photo was taken in the house I saw my only full spirit manifestation, that you can find Here

all the best


Something Not Normal To The Left Of The Pic

Something Not Normal To The Left Of The PicPopular
Submitterdarren01274More Photos from darren01274   Last Update28/10/2004 18:16    
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Hi i took this pic with my fuji digital camera put it on pc and something strange is in the picture on the left any idea's did i photograph something paranormal.

church grounds

church groundsPopular
SubmittertiredscorpioMore Photos from tiredscorpio   Last Update13/10/2004 23:11    
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this was taken in aug 04 in church grounds that is no longer used and the doors are locked

My first ROD

My first RODPopular
SubmitterkilmurrayMore Photos from kilmurray   Last Update14/9/2004 18:23    
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This is probably my best pic of a strange, flying thing.  Taken at around midnight, I saw this light up in the sky as my flash went off.  I estimated that the object be of around a foot long.  The Natural History Museum have checked the images and have told me that they have no idea what it is "you have captured a UFO".  Not much help really.  So, there you go, a ROD.

Is it a bird?

Is it a bird?Popular
SubmitterkilmurrayMore Photos from kilmurray   Last Update12/9/2004 0:45    
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Sorry the picture is not very big, made it smaller to add to my old site.  This shot was taken at about midnight.
Just to point out, the image has been blown up in the bottom right hand corner.  Whatever it is, looks nice.  No, it's not an orb, but there is no section for 'odd bird like lights'.

Grave opening 2

Grave opening 2Popular
SubmitterasianminxMore Photos from asianminx   Last Update4/9/2004 12:07    
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Gilson Road Cemetery  is eerie enough. However, this early 19th-century headstone has a hole in it. The marker is very old slate and the hole is like something drilled, not a bullethole.

Does anyone know what this might be?

The headstone says:

Walter Gilson
son of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Lucy Gilson
died August 28th, 1811
age 5 yrs 8 mos 25 days
The stone is old and dry. There are no cracks radiating from the opening to suggest that anything impacted it. The back of the stone is not fragmented in chunks as it would be from a bullet. No other headstones or signs in the area have been shot.

Here is a b&w photo showing the opening in the stone:

And here is a close-up of the opening:

That's lichen on the inside edge of the opening, not highlights. The surface is quite smooth, especially considering that the stone is rugged and ancient slate.

People who've examined this headstone on site, believe that the hole was probably drilled. But why...? *shudder*

This cemetery more than earns its creepy reputation.

Photo No. 61-70 (out of 149 photos hit)