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Paranormal terms and definitions
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Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend 328 chase street

328 chase street Pennsylvania was the home of Jack and Janet Smurl who's encounter with a paranormal entity (seemingly malevolent) was to form the foundation of many a heated discussion on for for's and against the existence of spiritual beings in American folklore (even to the point of a film being made). it all started in January 1974 when jack and Janet (both devout Catholics) started encountering terrifying occurrences. stains would appear on the living room carpet which no matter how much scrubbing could not be removed. deep scratch marks appeared on furniture and loud rapping noises as though someone was knocking hard on the ceilings and walls of the house. the telephone would continue ringing after the receiver was taken off the hook-this stayed in much the same way for ten years or so-then worse was to come!!. first the voices started-not much to begin with just whispers then the apparitions came. some were smiling but with a sinister smile as if promising worse to come-it did. the Smurls were then subjected to severe physical attacks and more alarmingly sexual attacks by corpse-like creatures. the attacks were not confined to the house as the Smurls were also attacked on holiday-a unique case in anyone's language. the hauntings ceased when the Smurls vacated the house in 1987. there have been no more reported instances at the house since then. it may also be worth noting that the house was built on old mine workings.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Abominable Snowman

also known as the Yeti is said to inhabit remote areas of mountains and jungles. There is no definite evidence of the abominable snowman's existence and all facts about it are based entirely upon folk-tales and sightings by locals of the area and mountaineers.

A few footprints have reportedly been seen, these include a british army officer who saw what was thought to be Yeti footprints 21,000 feet up Everest in 1921 and a number of westerners who saw giant footprints in 1887. In 1937, photographs of footprints were taken by F.S.Smythe and in 1951 climber, Eric Shipton Found footprints in the snow. Up until present no Yeti bodies have ever been uncovered.

Some Himalayan Monasteries are said to contain Yeti scalps, although, these are thought to be made of goatskin.

Abominable Snowmen and Yetis are said to resemble a very hairy (or furry) man with some being brown in colour and others white.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Afterlife

Life after death.

A continuation of life after our physical bodies die.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Agent

A human being who is unaware that they are directing poltergeist activity. Often a teenager and most often female.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Alchemists

An Alchemists is one whom practices alchemy.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Alchemy

The exploration and application of the sciences, particularly chemistry and astrology. Alchemists were mainly dedicated to the producing of gold from baser metals and other various materials.

Alchemy is an early protoscientific practice combining elements of chemistry, physics, astrology, art, semiotics, metallurgy, medicine, mysticism, and religion. There were three main goals many alchemists sought for. The most renowned goal of alchemy is the transmutation of any metal into either gold or silver.Also they tried to create universal panacea, a remedy that would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely.

Although these were not the only uses for the science, they were the ones most documented and well known. Starting with the Middle Ages, European alchemists invested much effort on the search for the "philosopher's stone", a legendary substance that was believed to be an essential ingredient for either or both of those goals.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Altered state of consciousness

Any state of consciousness that is different from 'normal'.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Amulet

An object that has the power to ward off evil spirits; usually a charm worn around the neck. This is worn to bring luck, or ward off evil.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Angel

A benevolent spiritual being who watches over people and is said to provide help.

Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Animal Powers

Many people worldwide believe that domestic animals can detect the presence of paranormal phenomena. The most common pets reported to be affected by paranormal occurrences are dogs and cats.

Domestic animals are said to be able to sense either their owners or a close loved ones own death weeks or even months before they die. This could possibly be caused by a shift in the humans energy just before they die which the pet might pick up on.

There have been reported cases in the past which could suggest that Telepathy has been used between owner and pet. One report of this was of the late nineteenth century actor William Terries who was murdered in London. At the exact same time of his stabbing, his family fox terrier pet at his home in Bedford became very unsettled. He was running around constantly yelping and barking in fear and anger. It was thought that he communicated telepathically with William and sensed he was in great danger.

Many people believe that their pet can see ghosts in and around their homes. Reports have included cats and dogs becoming scared and cowering into corners as if something has come into the room that they do not like, or animals which refuse to go into certain rooms or parts of the house as though they are avoiding going near something the human may not be able to see or sense. Many cats and dogs are said to become transfixed on areas as though they are watching someone or something in the room and many animals will not break their stare for a long period of time.